What is Your Free Out Fantasy

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    I stole this from an old HBO show, Mind of a Married Man. They said that every guy has a free out fantasy. Basically what would you be doing if you were not married or in a relationship? And since it is a fantasy, you do not have to think about all the consequences or missing your kids, divorcing your wife etc…

    Since I asked the question I will start….

    I would like to not have to really date any women, I would like to have sex with them and still be able to get along with all of them. Basically I do not want to be in a serious relationship but still have sex, this is a novel concept I know.

    Over the years, I have amassed some wealth, but I cannot see paying for girl friend’s cars rent etc. I have also acquired a lot of knowledge about home repairs and fixing things. So here is my plan. I know many women that are my age, or less hopefully, that need lots of help. They always need some kind of “manly” type help. They need to borrow a truck, or have someone fix their garage door, paint their house or lay tile. I do not mind the work, I usually help people anyway. Right now, the women (plutonic now) all ask me to help and offer beer as the only reward.

    I would start a referral relationship with a few women and see how it grows. I would help them out, but it would be understood that they would help me out by giving me a blow job in return (maybe upfront depending on how well they pay?). So then I would just get calls from women asking for help and they would know what the deal is. I am sure (this is a fantasy remember) I would get calls from girl friends of girl friends and some times they won’t really need help.

    What is yours?
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