What percent gay or str8 am I/

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by WillGreen, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Everyone likes a percentage and I am now greatly concerned the percentage I've listed is wrong. Fearing a "Truth in Advertising" lawsuit or worse, being mislabeled - I thought I'd seek help and advise. Maybe even get some good hot pics along the way.

    I could go chronologically forwards, but I'm told when you NEAR but aren't 50 yet, you need to start thinking differently. So, take it easy on me ... that probably the only thing I'm a virgin at still... Backwards thinking.

    Here goes:
    12 Years living with my partner, and loving it. Although we could get "married" - why ruin a good thing? Does that make me 100% Gay?

    Was married for 15 years, and have two awesome children - 100% str8?
    So far that would average (without a calculator) 60/40 Str8/gay?

    But what about the "transgressions". They only occurred when I was married? Can't swear I won't again, but no BIG reason yet ...
    But if I had a BIG reason to, it would be a guy

    But I am a top - probably because my huny is such a great (but lazy) bottom. As the saying goes "two bottoms a top don't make".

    Oh back to my dilema ... Although through High School & College, I was a man-whore. Every girl knew I was the one to get, and I was fairly easy (as was everyone back in the disco ball induced haze of the 70s). 100% str8 (unless a hunk passed out and had no clue who gave him the best bj of his life). Over those 8 years - 4 figured it out, and were Energizer Bunnies with thier batteries in backwards. Instead of Going and Going and Going- They kept Cuming and Cuming and Cuming (back for more).

    I was the first of all those I knew who got "laid", and no just a freak occurance - so that made me straight?

    I discovered Dick long before it could even shoot anything? Does anyone else remember jerking off and just getting the tightening cramps but no juice? Not just my own, but other dudes who wanted a helping hand. And sadly (now in retrospect, but certainly not then) an older dude who I thought was all I ever needed.

    So what is the right number to list, seeking honesty (and above all - hot pictures for my dirty flilthy, fun-loving mind).
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    honestly I just skimmed over your post, but my whole opinion of the whole gay straight thing.... first off sex is sex...if you enjoy sex with a man (and you are a man) then yeah, you have a higher percentage of homosexuality, and the same goes with sex with a woman. if you enjoy both sex with a man and sex with a woman, you are a sexual being who is comfortable enough with yourself and your body to enjoy the pleasures of both worlds. Now In my opinion, what makes a person straight or gay is emotional attachment. If you truely love a man (and are a man) and could spend (or have already made the commitment to) the rest of your life with him, then yes your gay, but you can still enjoy sex with a woman....the same goes if you could spend the rest of your life with a woman and truely love women, then you are straight, but you can still enjoy sex with a man. I get so tired of people labeling another person gay or straight solely based on sex......SEX IS SEX.....
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