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What should a newbie know before their first time in an Adult Store Arcade?


Experimental Member
Jan 20, 2008
Portland (Oregon, United States)
69% Straight, 31% Gay
I originally posted this in ask a man, but didn't quite get the sort of response I was hoping for. Hope to get some more knowledgeable folk here.

Yesterday I found myself in an adult store with one of those arcades in back, basically a dark hallway with a series of doors. I saw men coming in and out of them, and found myself very intrigued by it all. So I poked my head back there and immediately got intimidated. There were like 14 or more doors, some labeled "gloryhole" some labeled "buddies" and probably more, I honestly sort of panicked. So I popped into one of the private booths, threw some cash in the video display and took care of myself. When i left there was a guy standing in the hallway waiting for... who even knows?

I guess my question is this. If I return to experiment with a gloryhole, what should i know, what should I expect? Do the gloryhole rooms have a side I should go into to give and one to receive? Are condoms SOP, or is it more "risky". Is it weird to buy lube or condoms in the shop and then bring them into the arcade?

Thanks in advance for your answers, and I'll reply with more questions if I have them.