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What to do when your parents prefer your lover over you?

Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by Principessa, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Principessa

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    I have what I think may be an unusual relationship issue. My parents like my boyfriend too much. By too much I mean if there is some minor household thing that needs to be done and I mention it to my folks they ignore me. Or worse they ask how I know that? I watch a lot of HGTV, Yankee Workshop, and TLC. I've done an economic ministry where I put flashing on a trailer as well as helped to build and erect a new roof. I'm 42, not 14 and I have a wide knowledge base. :mad: Whenever I offer to do something akin to manual labor I am met with disbelief. Inevitably my folks will say we can't afford to pay someone to do that right now. :confused: I just said I could do it. :261:

    Well ever since they met my darling TruckerTexman anything he says goes. :eek: They don't question how he knows things, they just accept that he does and they trust and respect his opinion.

    For instance, all this rain, along with not knowing how to maintain a septic tank has our toilets backing up and gurgling whenever we get a hard rain. When this happend about 6 weeks ago I told mom I thought it was the septic system and to call a plumber. She did but they never came and she never followed up with them. I reminded her for maybe 2 weeks. Since the toilets and sinks stoppped gurgling she didn't follow thru.

    Apparently for a family our size it should be pumped every 2-3 years. The folks moved here in August 2004 and the septic tank has never been pumped out. :yikes: My toilet has been unusable since Sunday morning. I have plunged, poured hot water, and liquid plumber to no avail. :irked: :angryfire2:

    So anyway this afternoon I was talking to Tex about it and he tells me that we don't need a plumber, but a septic company to pump the septic tank and that it has to be done NOW. If we wait it will be very messy and more expensive to fix. I tell mom what Tex said and she says, "Okay, hand me the phone book, I'll get right on it tomorrow morning." :rolleyes: :eek:WTF?!? I said virtually the same thing 6 weeks ago and she ignores me. He says it or anything and you would think it was the 'sermon on the mount.'

    Not only that but she has taken to asking, well what does Tex say to do? :mad: Or call Tex and ask him such & such.

    So there you have it. My parents like and respect my boyfriend more than me and I am a bit jealous. :redface::mad: Have any of you dealt with this before. What did you do?
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