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What's been going on with my sex drive?!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dutchman-90, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. dutchman-90

    dutchman-90 Loved Member

    Feb 8, 2016
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    It all started when I decided to stop masturbating for two weeks to bring my sex drive down a bit because at the time it was VERY high and it was starting to intefere with my life a bit. This was little over a year ago and it was also when I started hooking up. But I had been suffering from high sex drive for a long time then.

    I was happy with the results. After a week I noticed my libido decrease significantly. This led me to be more productive. I became happier, more clear-minded. I could finally do tasks/projects that I always wanted to do.

    But then the effects started to become more profound. Now, I've had a pretty high sex drive for as long as I can remember. But for the first time in my life I could barely feel any drive at all. I tried watching porn but my dick wouldnt even get hard. I liked what I was seeing, but I couldnt care much about it. I had to force myself to climax and even then it didnt even feel as intense. Porn just wasnt as arousing as it used to be. And this is from a guy who before could cum from just watching a guy get undressed or from seeing a guys back flex etc. In real life guys also didnt interest me as much. I'd think ''thats a good-looking guy'' and just go about my day.

    I researched this a little bit and found that it's normal for this to happen when you stop jerking off for a while and many guys who do Nofap(am sure youve heard of it before) experience this ''drop''. The solution to this was to start jerking off a lot and supposedly that sex drive of yours should return to its normal level. Too bad, because I read a lot on the benefits of not jerking off from curing depression to increase in body's sensitivity to testosterone etc.

    I followed through and stared watching porn alot more. It took some time to feel my libido rise, but not to the level it used to be. Not even close. Now it may seem weird that I'm whining about this since the high libido was affecting me, but there's a part of it that I miss. Being so easily turned on and having very intense sex. Enjoying porn and having intense orgasms. Seeing hot guys in public all day long and feeling abliss. Undressing them as they walk pass by. And almost collapsing when they happen to have a nice fragrace on. Being able to appreciate the male body and masculinity much more. I want all of that back.

    For the past two weeks my libido seems AGAIN to be dropping down. And it's funny because it just seem to happen when I've started focussing on eating healthier and working out, but that cannot be the cause. I dont know, but its the same symptoms all over again( tho not as bad). One thing that's different is that, I dont see what's so nice about guys anymore. I really have to delve into the scene if Im watching porn, and even then the orgasms are just ..meh. Yes, the orgasms I get these days are really bad. Just a weird, pressured feeling. Seeing a hot guy when I'm out and about doesnt make my mouth water anymore(yes I know, Im a weird guy haha), and my heart doesnt pump harder. I go on grindr and I realise I dont really wanna hook up. Why am I even on it in the first place? A guy sends me a picture of his dick and all I can think of is ''thats just a long tubular piece of flesh on a human body, whats the big deal?'' I turn down dates.

    It's not that there isn't any feeling anymore. Just that it's at a bare minimum. Any lower than this and I can wave goodbye to being in gayland and accept becoming an asexual haha.

    Apparently, lots of guy nowadays are going thru something like this. They can't get off to regular porn and they look for something more intense. The explanation behind this is that after years of watching mainstream porn, the brain has become so accostumed to it that it doesnt release enough dopamine, unless you discover something new that can trigger your brain. This might explain why I am into rough gay (rape) porn and gaping videos lately. But why would anyone want to go through that rabbit hole and develop fetishes that are not only risky, but hard to come off from? Regular, sensual sex should be pleasing for everyone.

    The solution to this is to simply cut off porn and masturbation for a while, but I know how that worked out for me haha.

    Ow and I'm not sure whether this is also somehow linked to my libido issues but I'm also expericencing an aversion to music and it has been going on for some weeks now. Music doesnt trigger me the same way as before.

    So is there someone here that is going/has gone thru anything similar? What could be causing this to happen? Could this be permanent? It has really put me down and am getting pretty fustrated about all what's going on now.

    Sorry for the lenghty essay but I really wanted to get out as much detail as possible to get down to exactly what it is that's just sucking out all this sexual mojo.
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  2. Beckerm002

    Gold Member Verified

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Santa Monica (CA, US)
    how old are you?

    when was the last steady relationship you had and how was the sex ?

    porn and masturbation and hooking up just to cum

    sounds like a loop and a black hole

    consistent sex with the same person - a person you have feelings for is a different experience

    sometimes you sexually please them without pleasing yourself

    porn and jerking off and grinder and massage etc - is clearly just about feeding your own sexual beast - it's not connected to anyone else - it can get empty and lonely and feel like shooting dope

    and shooting a lot of dope - can start to feel empty and addictive and not fun
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  3. SoaringSpirit

    Gold Member Platinum Gold

    Jun 12, 2018
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    Tampa (FL, US)
    Have you had your hormone levels checked ? Sounds like the testosterone level might be low. Aside from everything you have mentioned. That is one that's important.
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