what's in a percentage?

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    so i've been wondering latey, looking at all these dudes who have varying percentages under their sexual orientation - what does it necessarily mean for that person?

    let's start a thread for people to decribe what their %'s mean to them. now i know people don't like labels, yadda yadda. but since u listed ur & on lpsg, might as well elaborate...

    here's my rationale behind mine.

    so i listed myself as 90% str8, 10% gay. i've never messed around with a dude and i probably never will, and i've always fucked girls. lots of girls. i LOVE chicks. but lately i've been attracted to images and videos of dudes, and dudes hooking up with each other. i've even gone as far to make a manhunt account, but never actually followed through with anything (and no, i've never led anyone on either).

    the idea of a j/o buddy, POSSIBLY mutual oral and j/o seems like it could be really hot. the idea of kissing another guy, being in a relationship with another guy, etc... is REALLY not my thing AT ALL. as far as fucking another dude, i dunno. nice asses are a big turn-on for me, but i don't know if i'd go as far to fuck one.

    what about u?
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    same dude. LOVE chicks... mess with a lot of them. i've only jerked with a few buddies, jerking each other every now and then but nothing intimate. just watching porn.
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