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    Abramoff, gov't disputing $500,000 tax refund - Yahoo! News

    He and his family lived lavishly while he was doing the crime(s) and now the rest of the clan expects to keep this ? This is SOP for what anybody else lives thru for similar circumstances and for not being on as grand a scale. It's not pleasant, but that's why it's called a sentence/punishment for those corruptions. It's not intended to be the best times of their lives. The family can file in line like the rest that are getting mortgage relief. I wonder how many would enjoy living off $ 38K/year in a home that costs beyond $ 52K/year before turning on the electricity ? Bankruptcy & foreclosure is also an option ? Others far better than they go thru it just the same. The sooner they file for that, the sooner they'll be free of the burden of that debt ?
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