What's the Most amazing Grower you ever saw?

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    I met a driver from Va., he picked me up at a Burger King. The cliche, do you want to see my truck. I thought p/u truck, anyway, I said yeah.
    He had a semi parked in an empty Grocery parking lot nearby.
    Asked him what we were going to do, he said I am going to let you suck my cock. He had a very big feet,huge hands and a wedding band, 6,3 and white short hair about 260#, and his tan pants hung in the back with the gone ass.
    He got in, I got in. He was naked lying on his bed, hairy chest, very nice body but small cock. I would guess about 5 1/2-6 long and maybe 5 1/2 around.
    Damn, I said to myself, I have to do it now, and let me get it over with fast.
    It grew and grew and grew and grew. Finally, he spoke and told me, you don't have to deepthroat me. No one does. I said your wife must love sucking you; he replied, my wife hates sucking and swallowing is absolutely out.
    I told him I needed a little time to suck him, sure he said. How big are you.
    My cock is 10 inches, and close to 7 inches around.
    That's the story of my grower. he was amazing not only because of his size but because from where that tree trunk grew from.
    I finally deepthroated him, 45 minutes later, and he was starting to pump his hips into my mouth and throat.
    We are not talking about cummers, but this guy shot a load that defied reasoning.
    I was in hog heaven.
    5 1/2x 5 1/2 to 10x 7 is my record grower.
    No I diidn't get a pix that was in 1994 before digital camera or phone cameras were the thing, back tehn it was the beeper.:tongue:
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    Zurich (ZH, CH)
    There is no doubt in my mind that his "small" 6x5 1/2 penis grew to 10x7.

    This is the most realistic story ever told ever.
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