When I'm 84...

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    Mar 24, 2007
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    OK. So you’re young, healthy, your dick gets hard every time the wind changes direction. The opportunities for sex seem endless. Pay for sex? Not you. That’s just wrong and besides you can get it for free any time you want. Life is good.

    But what about 50 years from now? You’re old, tired, your dick gets hard every time your Social Security check arrives in the mail. Other than that….

    Pay for sex? Hmmmmm…?

    What about when I’m 84, living in my room in the retirement home? The wife, love of my life, has been dead for 5 years. Amazingly, I can still get it up, and I still have moments when I feel horny. Would I hire some hot college girl, desperate for tuition money, to come over and have sex occasionally? That’s just wrong, and besides…Hmmmmm…?

    These clips got me wondering: (Caution: Straight, geriatric sex ahead!)


    Yes, I think I would. What about you? Any thoughts on the subject?
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