When is it time for a new pump?

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by fourfour, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I bought a cheap pump a while back, and although I never really had a routine(I usually don't pump more than once or twice a month)I do find it to be quite enjoyable.

    The pump I bought was a bit more than two inches in diameter, and about eight in length. The problem is that from the first time in, I would pretty quickly be touching the end, and can fill the pump such that it's pretty much all penis and no air after about twenty minutes in (so I can't maintain that pleasant feeling of getting bigger once I hit the walls). I'm also a bit concerned because I have something of a mushroom head, and this pump gives me pretty much no room to expand there. I'm afraid that once I hit the walls, unequal vacuum is acting on the skin which isn't hitting a wall(small parts of the head where the wall of the cylinder meets the top, the edge.)

    I've always been very interested in the idea of ball pumping, it looks like fun. Is there anything to watch out for when pumping cock and balls together? Is there a reason that they should be done separately?
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    The more expensive manufacturers like Vacutech are standard 9" in length.
    You can order a longer cylinder if needed.

    Because it's a cheap pump, did you get it from a porn shop? Did you pre-measure to make sure it was going to fit properly?

    You may want to wrap your head in gauze to keep the swell to a minimum.

    Ball pumping is more dangerous as your vacuum amount should be cut in half.
    Use extreme caution and take frequent breaks.
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