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Which categories of this forum are you viewing most?

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by lopo2000, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. lopo2000

    lopo2000 Sexy Member

    Jul 9, 2007
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    When I first registered for this forum, my only intention is check out the hot guys, since a lot of its members contribute a lot by attaching pictures, videos and all. But time after time, I realized that this forum is much more than about hot guys, or sex, etc., but it's also about life, emotions, relationsips. I am very surprised that nowadays I view the relationsip category, appearance category and etc etc category more than the celebrity endowment and gay category.

    I got a lot of infos about a lot of things in these categories. So, I'd like to personally thank you guys, the members, the mods for making this forum a beneficial one!

    Thanks guys...
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