Which is most important?

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Which is most important?

  1. How I feel about my size

  2. How she feels about my size

  3. How other women feel about my size

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  4. How close it is to perfection or goal

  5. How men feel about my size

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    Jul 8, 2010
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    My priorities:

    1. How I feel about my size
    2. How she feels about it
    3. What other women think
    4. How close it is to perfect
    5. What other men think

    Answer the poll, then list your priorities!

    For example if a girl is insecure about her weight or doesn't want to tell me its a huge turn off. I couldn't be with a girl like that. I am completely open and want the same. However if she is 30 pounds overweight that would be preferable and somewhat acceptable. Therefore it is most important to me how the person feels about themselves than what anyone else thinks.
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