why do guys play games?

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    So I'm a 100% gay bottom and am looking for someone to service on a regular basis.

    I know there's a million guys (so I'm just guessing) that would like to have a discreet cocksucker. It's just like having a doctor, lawyer, auto mechanic, etc.

    This site is really good regarding topics but why is it when you look regionally guys play games? For me, it doesn't matter what a guy looks like (if I have to narrow it down by looks/age I only go after guys who are really tall/hairy/hung and around my age. A moustache/glasses/boxer briefs are also really hot).

    To me, I'm not looking for a "gym bunny" or someone who gets excited when they see themselves in a mirror, but I'm looking for a real laid back kind of guy.

    Anyway, every now and then I'll post on craigs and not get any responses (and the pics I post show me sucking for advertisement I guess).

    I might get a good response email a little bit, says he's on his way and doesn't show up. Like I said, I'd think more guys would want their own cocksucker but it seems like we meet, they bust a nut and never hear from them again (okay there are some who do say they "lost" my email and are happy it's me and then they come over then I don't hear from them for a couple of months).

    Even though I'm 47 I like guys older than myself and if they're bearish even better (trust me, I'm not into twinks).

    So, I'm curious of what I'm doing wrong or if you've had the same problems. :confused:
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    I get that problem sometimes too... that's why I'm very picky about the guys I meet up with... try and find friends firstly... if you connect well on a friendly basis there's more of a chance you'll meet again. If a guy doesn't click with you he probably won't be coming back even if he did enjoy you sucking him off... I don't mean relationshipwise or anything.... I just mean some sort of connection between two people.

    As for saying "I'm on my way" and not turning up... some guys are like that... either because they get off on fucking people around... or start to leave and then have second thoughts about it all. Who knows, maybe they get lost ;)

    Also I don't mean to be rude or anything... but a lot of guys generally go for younger guys. Not saying you won't find anyone (I do hope you find a regular cock to suck... it's always nice!) but you have to admit that many guys like younger than themselves... so someone might meet up, blow their load and then think "He wasn't really my type"... happens to everyone.

    But yeah... i recommend trying to find a FRIEND fuck... make an effort to point out you want a fuck buddy...not just a one night stand... some guys might be put off by the discreet cocksucker ad.. maybe it seems too seedy??? I dunno
    Worked for me... I have a good friend now who meets up when we're both horny...

    ...and most importantly of all... KEEP SEARCHING! You'll find someone eventually :)
    You said you use craigslist... perhaps use different sites? Keep us posted on how your search goes! :)
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