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Why very large dicks need massage/release sessions more frequently than average ones

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by B_UNKNOWN321, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. B_UNKNOWN321

    B_UNKNOWN321 Banned

    Feb 25, 2005
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    All guys at such sites talk about how very much or very little sex they get, but it does seem that the overly endowed guys I have encountered have the most unbelievably ferocious need for sexual tension release of any group of men that I know. I have a theory I would like to put forward why this may be true and some anecdotal evidence to support it.

    I have narrowed my possible explanations for the inordinate need for sex from big dicked guys to essentially three.

    1. The testosterone level or other hormones that gave the guy a big dick in the first place also heighten his libido resulting in the non stop jerking and fucking. I don't much believe this since the dick size is basically a genetic trait and not much affected I think by testosterone levels though big and small guys would equally have heightened sexual drives with elevated levels.

    2. Having a large penis is a visual and physical stimulus to the guy having it so much so that that might explain why he must forever be emptying it. There may be something to this surely, but guys and gals are not continually looking at the big dicked guys naked so that probably is not total explanation. I being big dicked guy at a later stage in life can however attest to fact that having all that beautiful tissue hanging below is a physical stimulus and does certainly increase awareness of what can be done with it. But just how much, probably not that much.

    3. Now for my most provocative theory. This is based upon three factors, infanthood, language development and an Indian tribe in Brazil. Now what the hell is Motlissof going to pull from that combo?

    It was formally throught that language evolved directly from the behavior of those using it to fit their particular needs. Recent studies with the Piraha tribe in Brazil have thrown that notion out the window. This tribe has a language like no other in the world, past or present. It has no past or future tense and no counting system. So these people caught forever in the present in their language, live perpetually only in the present. They have no sense of history whatsoever and no thoughts of tomorrow or the next with no language to subconsciously or consciously express it. So they live as the Taoists teach for the most sublime pleasure in life "in the moment" completely. They have no past with which to judge actions and no future to contemplate impact for next day or year. This has knocked linguists cockeyed that language precedes and dictates behavior rather than reverse.

    This is the way a baby sees his world, totally "in the moment" completely free of any negative associations with past or future so this he has in common with the Piraha tribe. Yes, I am getting to the theory here. So all the baby does is what he can do convenients with the most divine and pleasure-drenched senses allowed him with a limited past tense, future tense behavior linkage. Now with most male babies having a little nub of a penis, there is little there to play with and certainly not much for serious masturbation -- not so most really superhung men -- most I have known or talked to had a big dick when babies also which was found quite early.

    I had a neighbor boy who at 1.5 when I was 14 had a flaccid penis as long as my erect one. He was constantly pulling off his diaper and manually stroking his cock and a lot of the time had a semi-erection. With all that meat just pendulously hanging there, of course a baby is going to play the hell with it and often we hear that very young overly endowed males reach non-ejaculatory orgasm at 5 or younger. The nub babies like me usually don't get enough penis stroking to "accidentally" reach orgasm probably.

    So we have extremely young males (with big cocks) masturbating at stage in life when (unless parents are monsters) their "present tense" language/behavior pair allows them magnificent, shameless pleasure in their bodies. And I believe that this pattern established so very early (can you imagine what an orgasm at age 5 would lead to later) and with the same "in the moment" pleasure that the Piraha enjoy every activity, an inordinate pattern of sexual activity becomes the norm for these little guys.

    Years ago I knew two guys with very large cocks and both spent, it seems, half the day jerking off in the restroom. They both would comment to me that they had always jerked off 10-20 times a day from even pre-teen days. And most of the very well hung guys I have gotten to know very well on lpsg who have knowledge of having very large baby penises also vividly remember jerking off very regularly as very small infants.

    So this is my suggestion -- sexual frequency need for the average hugely endowed guy I propose is partly due to his self confidence in sexual attractiveness but I think more so to very precocious sexual activity due to readily available baby pacifier hanging at the groin that moves quickly to very early real sex and all at a period when these males are guided by the "language of the joy-directed" Piraha, living in the moment. And a child directed to sex pleasure very early will not soon depart from it (to misquote an oft stated truism) and probably amplify it along the way.
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