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    Hello everyone, Danny here.. groggy from not getting enough sleep, so if there are some tpyos, please be kind ;)

    anywho, I was thinking of putting this post in "making it bigger" but after some thought, I came to the conslusion that this IS a relationship issue. So i put it in this forum, also I wanted the topic to get exposed to the ladys here, and Im not sure how much the gals surf into the making it bigger section, so here we go.

    I want to have a bigger cock, I want to be NOT SUPER BIG, just 9.-9.5..
    that seem atainable, I am now 8x6.5 a nice size, but 9 seems like a migic number to me. dont ask me why, I LOVE cock, and I want to have a lil bit bigger one.

    Here is the issue, whenever I am checking out the PE sites, or devices, " pumps traction devices" my wife says,,
    "no, I dont want you to be any bigger, your big enough"
    perhaps she is telling the truth, or perhaps she is just feeding the ole male ego...
    " male egos are stupid " -thats my opinion.

    anywho, its not like im 12" and I want 14" I COULD understand that, but just wanting another inch or inch and a half sounds really sweet to me.
    we have great sex, and I got her a 9" dildo, its SUPER thick, and she LOVES it..
    so I am a bit confused..
    is she trying to be sweet? she can easly accomidate that 9incher.. why wouldn't she want me to be on deck with that bad boy?

    im going to be purchasing a JES EXTENDER in the next few months, and I cant belive it, im super cheap, and dont like spending money on ANYTHING.. but this I think will be worth it.
    anyone heard anything about it?
    anywho. everyone have a great day, positive thinking is the key to sucess, and what you think about multiplies :)
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