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    I am 7 x 4.5...i struggle with not being thicker. All i picture is a thicker cock going in my gf's vagina...is there any help or way to reconcile this problem?

    I know many will say as long as she is satisfied etc but that doesnt seem to work. I feel like she is lying when she says that a bigger thicker penis is not a turn on visually and more masculine.

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    Sounds like she is trying to spare your feelings. I wouldn't make it a problem till she starts doing suspicious shit, man. Appreciate what you have, cause it could always be worse.
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    Sorry you're having doubts with this. It doesn't sound like your girlfriend has an issue - it sounds like you have an issue.

    You don't, in fact, mention anything about her at all other than you say you feel she is lying. You are unhappy with your cock size. You think a girthier cock is 'a turn on visually and more masculine'. How is that her problem? It isn't, is it. And it certainly isn't our problem. What the fuck do you want us to say?

    You want us to say don't worry about? You already told us that doesn't cut it for you. You want us to say 4.5 girth is more than enough? - some woman could say that and mean it, others couldn't. Most men and women, being honest, will say it is on the thin side of average - which it is. That does not mena it is necessarily inadequate though.

    How do you get around this? I dunno - fuck her in ass? I really don't know - the only person who can get over this is you. I know this is a 'support group' but you said yourself that assurances of satisfactory performance mean nothing to you - so what are we supposed to say? You either accept her word that she's happy with your cock or you stay miserable about it (and sooner or later she dumps you for a guy who isn't hung up about his cock).

    Anyway - this is not so much a Women's Issue as it is a Man's Issue, so maybe some kindly mod could move it to Relationships, pls?

    No it doesn't - he hasn't said anything other than what he feels, he barely mentions her - what she says or does. The chances are this is all in his head and both him and now you are pushing it back on to his girlfriend like it is her problem. It isn't.
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