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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by incognito_34, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Nov 6, 2006
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    my first post here... and i got a few questions for the women...

    1. for one, is 7.25X5.5 a good size?.. im 5 foot 8, 150... (does body size matter)?

    2. my girlfriend for about 1 yr now while having sex asks me to stop several times during cause she says she feels like shes gonna pee... ive done some research on that, is she gonna sqwirt, or really pee?.

    3.she says she cums like 6 to 8 times when we have sex for like 1/2h. is that possible?

    4. doggiestyle, she cant last more then one minute it feels like.. seriously, im go in and out several times and she cums... should I force her (not in a bad way of coarse) to try and continue longer?.. will she feel better?
    thats usually when she bails out and says she has to pee..

    im sorry, its just our sex is great, well, for her more, im just curious what can be done to make it even better...
    anal is out of the question she says, she makes it seem like ive got a monster cock, but really, i dont, it aint really big imo. ive fingered her in the ass (sry for the language) a while ago, while she was BJing me, and she said she had came... but since then she dont want to anymore.. (i wasnt going hard).. is there anything i can do there?

    thanks for taking the time.
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