Women sizing each other up...

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    I had the rare opportunity to be the only guy at a work lunch gathering of about 4 women (all married, middle aged). The topic turned to weddings and rings and each lady showed everybody their wedding ring.

    It was a thinly veiled contest among these catty women on who on the surface were cordial but just beneath the surface it occurred to me that they were sizing each other up on who had the better marriage, husband, financial and social position all revealed by the size of their diamond and how blingy their wedding ring was.

    It was no longer just a symbol of their fidelity as a few of these women have had affairs but rather a device to acertain their rank in the pecking order among women.

    Maybe it has always been the case but as a gay man I rarely see the catty side of a woman's world and the competition among women.

    Is the expensive wedding ring the female equivalent of a large cock? Are women as competitive as men are with each other?
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    Yes, if not more so. They're just competitive about different things, in ways that guys often miss.
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