Women's reaction to "accidentally" showing it in public

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    Does anyone have any good stories about "accidentally" letting their penis show in public? Would love to hear stories & women's reactions. I remember doing this stuff on the beach when I was younger and getting turned on by it. I was reminded of this recently when my wife told me about something that happened to her years ago. She and a girlfriend were bartenders and my wife was drinking at the bar after her shift with the friend's husband, a weaselly-looking skinny guy. The guy was apparently wearing very short shorts and had rolled them up so they were shorter. At some point after a few drinks, my wife (who is pretty hot) glanced down and saw his penis, in her words, "hanging almost to his knee." She said it had to be a foot long. She never told me this story until it recently slipped out when I asked her why she didn't keep in touch with this couple anymore. She was apparently startled by it and didn't quite know how to react. We have a great relationship and sex life and I believe her when she said she was more disgusted by him then turned on. I must admit though, as an average-sized guy (good girth, so-so length) the story bothered me at first as I felt she had been violated somehow. She of course assumed it was an accident until I set her straight, telling her that no guy is ever unaware of this. Anyway, I found in a strange way that I was a bit turned on by this and try to imagine her face when she saw it. Would love to hear similar stories from you guys... Thanks all.
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