Words you use:dirty or otherwis

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    I was wondering- what an opening huh?-
    The words that members use vary for the same act or body part
    A rose is a rose; however, some words of course are raunchier or dirtier than others. Given the words below what word do YOU usually use to refer to the act or body part.
    I just find using my words less formal and pretentious for me.

    After all if i wrote on a wonderful night together like this: I took home a lady and we had oral sex followed by vaginal sex than I ejaculated on her face. We laid naked for a moment followed by me engaging in cunninglingus while she masturbated my penis.

    Sounds better if " I took this fucking hot whore who proceeded to give me the best blow job I ever had. We fucked until I couldnt stand it any more and gave her a facial with cum that seemed endless. Eating her hot pussy while she jacked me off made me cum even more." now that is hot!

    I'll start

    oral sex- BLOW JOB
    vaginal sex- fuck
    No clothes on- nude or naked
    Cunninglingus- eating
    Vagina- pussy
    Masturbation- jacking off
    Penis- cock
    Semen- cum
    Anymore just add.
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