Worked Over in London

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    It was my first trip to London and I was spending my time being a tourist... Big Ben, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace... all that kind of stuff. It's an exciting city and I wanted to see it all, but I knew from my stiffening cock that what I really wanted to see was some hot London cock. After the tour ended, I went back to my hotel and changed into my casual cock cruising clothes. I had no idea what men wear to go cruising in London so I kept it simple... jeans, boots, tee shirt. It's always worked for me in the states, so i figured what the hell. I also didn't really know where to go so I just set out for the what I had heard was the gay part of town.
    I wondered into a few bars and had several beers with some very hot looking men... it was quite a fetich town. I've never seen so much rubber in my life. I was familiar with the leather scene, but this rubber stuff was something different. I don't think I did it for any of these guys because I wasn't dressed right or something. I couldn't even get anyone to talk to me, so I just kept drinking beer and wondering around.
    Finally I happened onto a really hot guy sitting with his back against a wall. He was a young guy dressed in tight jeans and a union jack tee shirt. I pictured him jacking off his fat cock on his jock strap for me.

    He gave me a passing glance as i walked by. "Got a fag?" he asked as I looked back at his shaved head and bulging crotch. I saw his lips moving, but all I heard was "fag." Of course I realized he was asking for a cigarette. Somehow I knew that there was more to his request and my cock started to stiffen up. "Sure man," I said, and I pulled out a cigarette and handed it to him. I lit it for him and he gave me a sly toothy grin. "What else are looking for, mate?" he asked as I kept staring at his trim body and fat crotch as he sucked on his cigarette. I sat down next to him and lit a cig for myself. "I'm looking for some London fun" I said and he laughed. "You can't find any better London fun than me," he said. "But I aint no poof, bloke." "So what kind of fun can you give me?" I asked. "You'll take what ever I give you, you dirty bugger." "That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for," I said and he jumped up and motioned tom me to follow him. We wound around a few corners and walked into a dingy looking brick building. My eyes were glued to his ass as I followed him up a few flights of stairs. the halls were lit with dim bulbs and grafiti. Other men were standing in the shadows talking to each other. some well dressed men were talking to skinheads negotiating their services. He unlocked a door and we walked in to a one room flat lit by one dim bulb hanging from the ceiling.
    "Lets see the $." he said and i pulled out what cash I had.
    That should get you what you're looking for," he said and pulled his pants down below his ass. he was wearing a dirty jock strap that looked stained and worn. "Get to work on this, you dirty fag," he said and pointed towards his thickening cock straining at his jock. I knelt down in front of him and buried my face in his dirty jock. I could smell old pussy juice and piss and cum mixed together and it made my head spin like a hit a poppers. I put my mouth over his fat cock still hidden from my view. His cock was straining inside his jock and It started to pull the sides away from his crotch. My tongue found it's way in to flick at his heavy nuts. He got impatient with my licking and in one motion, he pulled his jock aside and his huge, fat cock whipped out and slapped me in the face. He grabbed it and gave my face and mouth a few more good hard whacks. I opened my mouth to invite him into my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and plunged his whole dick deep down my throat. "that's fucking good, you dirty bugger'" he said and started to pump my face hard and deep. I could see the shadows form the dim bulb on the wall beside me and it made me even hotter. I looked up at him to moan my appreciation to his hard fucking of my throat. All at once he looked down at me and spit forcefully into my face. "Is this what you wanted, fucker?" he asked. i moaned and gurggled my yes and he spit at me again. "Take down your pants, you dirty faggot," he told me. I unbuckled my pants and pushed them down below my knees. I then went back to servicing his hard, spit-slick cock. Tears were starting to run down my face from sucking his cock deep into my throat and my slobber started to spill out the sides of my mouth and run down the front of my shirt.

    I guess he had enough of that so he pulled his cock out of my mouth, grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. "Put your arse up in the air," he said. "I'm going to fuck you up the shitter." I leaned forward on my hands and raised my cunt as high up in the air as I could, spreading my cunt-hole for him as best I could with my pants around my ankles. He grabbed my hips and stuffed his spitty-slick cock deep into my guts. I gasped for breath as he forced his throbbing cock in and out of my shitter. His cock was hard as a rock as he kept on pumping his meat in and out of my man-cunt which was starting toreally open up for his cock. I sucked his hard cock with my hole as he plunged in and out faster and harder. He suddenly pulled out and walked around in front of me, jacking his cock faster and harder. "open up that cunt-mouth of yours fucker," he said as his thick cum came spitting out at my mouth, face and chest. As he finished up he rubbed his cum load around on my face. "You like that shitty cock, you dirty bugger?" he said as he milked out the last few drops of his cum. he grabbed the front of my shirt and wiped the spit and cum off of his cock and pulled up his pants. "You have to get out now, mate," he said, so I stood up and pulled up my pants. I wiped the cum and spit off my face the best I could, buckled up and walked towards the door. As I walked out into the stair well, a bunch of other hot dudes laughed at me as I made my way to the front door.
    It was thinking what a hot fuck I had just had as I made my way back to my hotel. When I went in the front door, I had to make my way through the lobby with dirty knees and my shirt all cum stained. I got some pretty odd looks but If they had only known how well I had just been fucked, I'm sure they would have understood... or not. I didn't give a fuck.
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