Working Title part II (B)

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    “Prisoner, on your feet.” Octurous looked up to see four guards standing out side his cell. The guards escorted Octurous outside into the cool night air to a transport wagon, a small man clad in light armor and a fur lined cloak stood next to the wagon.
    “Octurous, my friend.” The man stepped forward.
    “Julius?!?!” Octurous fell to his knees and kissed the family seal on Cesar’s finger.
    “The second I heard what those fools in the Senate did to you, I knew I couldn’t leave you to fend for yourself a second time. Octurous you have been betrayed from the highest level. While you did surrender that camp, it was lost days before you left it. Agorix stole your maps and was aiding the barbarians in gaining knowledge of our inner workings.”
    Octurous was dumb struck, Agorix was from a well know family and a true Roman. Cesar continued.
    “The Senate, ignorant of the ways of their military men, still will not fully pardon you now that they know the truth. I have come to an accord however. You are no longer a traitor to Rome, but you will need to prove your love of Rome to the people.” Julius placed his hand heavily on Octurous’ shoulder. “You are now a Gladiator, and will fight for your freedom. Even though, your family will be able to visit, and that is always good.” Julius smiled.
    “No, I cannot see my family until I am recognized as a true Roman again, especially my father.” Julius laughed hard and loud.
    “Dear brother, you are a prideful man. If only the Senate could see past their own noses, they would understand that no further punishment would be needed for a man like yourself.” Cesar removed his hand and the guards loaded Octurous into the transport. As the wagon left for the Gladiator holding camp, Octurous turned to face Julius.
    “Thank you Julius, you are a passionate and wise man. My family will always be at your call should you ever need us.”
    “I will hold you to those words, as I am sure that I will need your leadership once again.” Julius placed his hand on his heart and bowed ever so slightly.
    “Oh, and Octurous…” Cesar laughed “Agorix will be awaiting your blade in the arena.” The mans name bred pure hatred in Octurous’ heart, the man who had throw Rome out of his heart, destroyed Octurous’ family name, and betrayed the lives of Octurous’ legionaries. Octurous could no longer contain his primal rage.
    “ARGORIX!” the small man wheeled around as he heard his name called in an almost demonic voice. The code stated that only two Gladiators may fight one another at any given time and another Gladiator who was about to engage Agorix stopped realized who the two were and their history. The Gladiator raised his sword to Octurous then covered his heart with his fist and turned to find another opponent. Now Agorix stood alone, fully aware of Octurous’ military skills and his hatred toward him.
    “You will bleed for your treason.” The public now realized what was going to happen between these two Gladiators and exploded with cheers of anticipation. Octurous’ first kill was brutal, bloody, and quick. His next would be even worse and slow, the spectators could hardly wait.
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