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World Cup Whackoff

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by danielbluetales, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. danielbluetales

    danielbluetales Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2007
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    A group of my straight friends asked me to go to South Africa with them so they could watch the world cup because they knew I had traveled to a number of different countries while they had never been out of the country before.

    I have to be honest and say that I was not too keen. I’m not crazy about soccer and the thought of being responsible for four drunken straight guys – because, knowing them, whatever they did would involve a lot of beer – didn’t appeal over much. But when they agreed to pay for my plane ticket I couldn’t turn down such a good offer.

    And so it was that Andy, Nick, Steve, Phil and I arrived in Johannesburg and hired a car and drove out to Rustenburg where the guys wanted to be based ahead of the first game against England. Nick suggested that we hire just two rooms between the five of us to save money but I insisted on having my own room. I did this for two reasons; firstly I was hoping to get lucky and wanted to be able to take him back to my room if I did and secondly I didn’t want to be distracted by the guys walking around in their underwear and teasing me with what I couldn’t have.

    The day before the game the guys suggested we go up to Sun City because they wanted to have to wanted to gamble. As soon as we arrived there I knew I should never have come; I kept seeing wonderful eye candy and there I was stuck with four big brutes who just wanted to swill beer, try their luck on the slot machines and tables, and check out the hot babes around the swimming pool. As they had already decided that I would be doing the driving they were soon knocking back the beers like there was no tomorrow. I excused myself and said I was going to take a leak.

    I was really surprised when Nick tagged along because in the past he had always been extremely modest around me. Whereas the other guys didn’t give a shit if I saw them naked, and I had many time before, Nick always made sure to keep his body well covered when I was around. I headed straight to the bank of urinals because I figured that Nick would go into a cubicle but to my surprise he stood at the urinal next to mine. I tried not to look, I really did try, but it was impossible. Giving in, I looked down to see a thick, uncircumcised cock with foreskin that seemed to just melt around the tip, revealing about a dime sized area of his cock. He let loose a huge jet of piss that seemed to stop as quickly as it began. I could feel the heat of desire creep across my chest and face. I tried to look away but my eyes simply refused the commands from my brain.

    I watched now as he slowly peeled back the pale, silky looking foreskin of his fat cock to reveal his red and shiny knob. I could feel a tremble in my own cock as desire coursed through my veins. It felt like we had been there an hour already although it must have been under two minutes. I was as nervous as hell, afraid that someone would see us and go get one of the security guards. I shook off my own much thinner cock and was about to tuck it away when I noticed that Nick wasn’t just shaking off his last few piss drops any more; he was positively jerking off! I couldn’t believe it: shy Nick was whacking off right in front of me. His thick cock grew even fatter, if that was possible, and a heavy vein bulged in the skin of his straining shaft. It was quite simply the most beautiful, lust inducing sight that you could imagine and suddenly I forgot that I was still feeling a little whacked from traveling halfway around the world.

    I needed to see more of that impressive boner but it was much too dangerous. Given the volume of people milling about it was a miracle that nobody had come into the bathroom yet. I tucked my cock away and indicated that Nick come into the end cubicle with me. He didn’t even put that fucker away; I figured he must have been affected by the freedom of being away from home and all the beer that he had had because he just followed me with his fat, hard cock sticking straight out of his zipper. As soon as I had locked the door behind us I lowered his pants and took that monster of his into my hands. It felt warm and weighty and precious. It really was a deliciously beautiful cock, a work of art. I slid my left hand down now and cupped it around his big, fuzzy nuts and he sighed softly and then pressed his right hand against the back of my neck.

    I knew exactly what he wanted and I greedily gobbled up his horny cock. He still had his hand on the back of my neck as I swirled my tongue all over the sensitive cockhead while gently stroking his juiced laden balls. He sighed softly and I was worried that he would get noisy and get us in to trouble; any other time I would have been quite turned on by being able to make a man like Nick groan out loud but right now I just needed him to be really quiet and feed me that that fat pork sword of his. I slipped a hand behind his balls now and stroked his big cheeks. The thought of being able to slip my sausage between his chunky cheeks and into his spice hole made me so horny that I could hardly breath but when I tried to slide my hand between his cheeks he clenched them tight, letting me that was a ‘no go’ area. The scent of his furry crotch filled my nostrils as I took him into the back of my throat and worked his dick the best way I knew how.

    I came off his dick a few minutes later and started nibbling down the shaft and onto his big balls. Each of his tender eggs received my full attention as I nipped and nibbled and I could tell that he was close. I could hear men coming and going, doors opening and closing, faucets being turned on and off but nothing in the world mattered to me apart from that Nick’s sexy man flesh. I stroked his warm, furry thighs and started licking back up to his shaft. The salty tang of his precum slid over my tongue as his cockhead slid home into the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and started pumping and I was starting to get a little worried about his over eagerness causing me lasting damage when suddenly he grunted and flooded my mouth with his delicious sauce.

    As soon as he was done he whipped his cock out of my mouth and tucked himself away. And then he opened the cubicle door and stepped out without a care in the world as I hurried to close it behind him. I sat on the john and waited for what I thought would be a decent amount of time before leaving the cubicle. As I exited the cubicle I saw a big bear of a man standing at the urinal. And even though I had just drained Nick of a copious amount of nut juice I couldn’t help but notice how big, and round and form this dude’s ass was. Suddenly he turned around and I saw that he had a long, skinny boner in his hand. My head reeled as I stepped back into the cubicle and seconds later he was in that tiny space with me, pressing himself against me and kissing my cheek.

    He said something to me in Afrikaans and I explained that I was a foreign tourist and couldn’t understand what he was saying. He smiled and told me that he wanted to fuck me. I gulped and nodded and before I knew what was happening he had my pants and underpants down around my ankles and his tongue was buried up my butthole while his big hands played up and down my sensitive thighs before grabbing hold of my leaking dick and attempting to milk it. I couldn’t remember a time when I had felt so fuckin’ horny. I pushed my little bubble butt against his big, bearded bear face and felt his whiskers scratch my cheeks as he ate me out. And then, to my amazement I felt a lubed up finger being pushed into my wanting hole. I couldn’t believe the dude walked around with lube in his pocket!

    I felt delirious with lust as his thick finger bit into me and prepared the way for his skinny cock which was not much fatter than his finger. I was more than ready and started clamping down on his finger, letting him know that he needed to get a move on before I died from lack of cock. He entered me swiftly, with one long stroke that made me wonder if I really was as ready as I could be. But soon my hungry ass had adjusted to the invading cock that was slicing into my guts. I could tell that he had done this before he managed to keep his little gurgles and grunts down to a level that only I could hear. I was getting it good, that was for sure and the fact that this was my second dose of sex in less than twenty minutes just made the whole experience so incredibly horny. Like Nick he was in a hurry and he just kept ramping up his attack on my ass. Man, that beefy boer could fuck. He might not have had the biggest cock in the world but he sure as hell knew how to use it. All too soon he shuddered and creamed off inside me.

    I was surprised when instead of getting dressed and leaving he fished the bottle of lube out of his pocket, took off his shirt and asked me to fuck him. Wow! That big, beefy ass of his was even more beautiful unclothed than I could have imagined. His cheeks were firm and pale and covered in long, silky brown fur. I grabbed a hold of his luscious melons and buried my face in his musky crack. This was the way to see a country I remembered thinking to myself, as I tongued his large brown pucker. He put his hands on the end wall and pushed his big butt back in my face driving me absolutely crazy. This was the kind of ass that filled my dreams and here it was doing a booty shake right in my face and begging for my cock. I couldn’t resist any longer. I gathered up a gloop of lube and eased it inside his hot hole. His big pucker yielded to my invading finger and I knew he would have no difficulty taking me deep. Stepping up to that full, fleshy furry rump I took aim and started the slow slide to ecstasy.

    Man he was hot and silky and the sight of his pale rump contrasting with the tan of his broad back was out of this world. Once more I was vaguely aware of men going about the legitimate business of being in the public bathroom but I had a far more important task to perform. My cock had become a diplomat, cementing ties between the peoples of two countries. I couldn’t speak his language but the language of cocks and balls and butts and lust needed no words. All that was needed was my gentle thrusting up into his big butt and him clamping his ring tight on my shaft. The stranger was where I had wanted Nick to be a short while ago, offering me his furry fruit and I was a grateful recipient.

    My balls were drawn up tight, my breathing was ragged and the big bear’s ass had taken me to the point of no return. I held onto his hips as my knees buckled and heavy ropes of joy juice blasted out of my balls and deep into his guts.

    We were both a little embarrassed as we broke apart and cleaned up our dripping bungholes. He dressed, gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and then left. I went back to join the guys and it didn’t take them too long to figure out what I had been up to. They ragged me something chronic, with Nick making the biggest contribution. I had to smile as I wondered what the others would think if they knew that I had his cream sloshing around in my belly.

    (to be continued)
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  2. rd62624

    Gold Member

    Sep 5, 2006
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    it's a good start can't wait for more
  3. sbat

    sbat Banned

    Apr 26, 2010
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    Gotta love the topical fiction
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