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Discussion in 'Politics' started by midlifebear, Mar 13, 2009.

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    First, I'll admit I hope to stir the pot a bit. Second, however, I hope my suspicions are wrong and I really want an honest answer to my inquiry.

    Everyone has seen (and many have) those Yellow Ribbon stickers on cars that proclaim to support our troops in Iraq. Nothing wrong with that. But those I've seen and inspected carefully in airport parking lots in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and New York, do not have any 4 point or smaller printing of any kind declaring who or what organization is responsible for producing, distributing, and selling them. Does anyone know?

    I ask because if it's some neocon outfit (or person) who has found a sales niche just to make a personal profit or generate income for a neocon organization, they need to be exposed.

    But if it's the Veterans of Foreign Wars or some grass-roots non profit organization that is generating coin which actually goes to help our servicemen and servicewomen overseas and at home, I'm all for it.

    When Bush/Quayle ran for their second term, I served on the board of the local Literacy Action Committee, as well tutored a series of illiterate adults how to read. (I know, I'm such an angel.) But when Quayle made the incredible error of correcting an elementary student's spelling of the word potato by adding an e to the end of it -- all on camera for the world to see -- I personally funded the production, distribution, and sale of 10,000 bumper stickers that simply stated on two lines in 400 point bold Helvetica "Bush/Quayle in 92? Just say Noe!" Note that the bumper sticker didn't tell you who to vote for. It simply instructed you who not to vote for.

    Because of conflict of interest issues that would ensue, I did not claim that all proceeds from the sales of the bumper stickers would go to the local Literacy Action Center. But I did declare, along with the registered trademark, that I was responsible for the bumper stickers, included a telephone number (which was answered by an answering machine explaining how to leave a message to order more), and that all proceeds from the sales of the bumper stickers would be donated to support adult literacy programs. This last bit got me off the hook for creating problems for LAC because at the time there were four different non profit adult literacy programs at work in my community. All of them got a slice of the profits, but LAC got the biggest slice. And thanks to a well-known women's advocate attorney who served on the same board, I was able to create a transparent non profit entity to depoisit all proceeds and disburse funds after the election. The only thing I reimbursed myself for were the original printing costs. And, ironically, the printer who came in with the lowest bid and who did the best job was a die-hard Republican.

    So who makes those über patriotic yellow ribbon and American Flag ribbon stickers? Anyone really know?
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    I have one that I bought from my local VFA. They made them and sold them to help keep the VFA in our town running.
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