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    Javierdude22: Hypothesis:

    Everything in this world is ruled by a balance between good and evil. We are UN-able to always do good...even if we tried all day our best, and would concentrate to only do good, we will not succeed. In reverse, no man could ever jUst do evil...every malicent action toward one can result in benefit for the other.

    This means we havent gotten a choice on this matter to either choose good or evil, we are simply governed by it.

    This means the worlds focal point or, ax everything revolves around, is Good and Evil.


    yes...before anyone starts on me, I know I am babbeling. But...I was just thinking about the notion that we were never given a choice on whether we want to do good or not. We cannot do either one for 100%. Its means humans are the dependant variable (animals and the way our world is structured as well). Good and Evil are the independant variables. This means they are represented by a force or entity).

    Im not sure what the hell im doing with this, maybe start a discussion on whether atheism is a unrealistic possibility, or even nature based beliefs. Although honestly I do not know exactly what they are about. But, enlighten me.
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