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    Hey all. I'd heard about this site before, but given an odd experience of mine I figured I'd go on and register.
    Nothing particularly amazing here. ~7.5 but I've touched 8 when absolutely maxed (though I hate that "too hard" feeling) lengthwise. Usually chill around 5.7-8 girthwise. I've known I'm above average but never thought I was particularly amazing. Every girl I've slept with has commented on my size but I mostly thought that was cuz most of the guys on my college campus are just small. Some of you guys here are much better endowed than I and I salute you.

    Anyway long story short I initiated sex with a girl I know (I shouldn't have for social reasons but that's another story). But after only a bit of penetration she said it was too painful and we had to stop. The whole fiasco got me feeling rather embarrassed so I came here. Now I see that I'm not too big but am still above average, which is a bit comforting. But that's my story. Hello all.
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