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    I`ve bought this stuff (in the form of barkm, actually it yohimbe) tried and I have to give really really positive feedback.I`ve read as well many posts here in lpsg about it.
    In the matter of PE it`s helpfull mayby only because of greater inflow of blood.But the changes in man mental state are so impresive that for me it is hard to believe.
    There are of course side effects but the powerfull feeling and really high increase in self confidence just shocked me.Im a member of PU community
    Fast Seduction 101: Art of Pick-up and Seduction (briefly, interest in way of atract,date and fuck chicks :p)
    After taking this stuff my all atitude has changed.There was so easy with everything,more confidence, guys who I stronlgy maintain eye contact just fear, and smiled girls talked with me were the best example.Even my friend who has big problems in this issue picked up one girl.
    Is here someone who use it and can tell something more ? Health of course is the most important and I wanted to know how to be careful with using it(cause I don`t think I give up this shit)
    I`ve read that it can cause some serious problems but about men taking it for years too.
    Im interested now in increasing testosterone level and do some tests to check it because Im now convinced that test is really esence of the man.Of course suitable(quite hight) level.
    A man once wrote "People laugh, people fear, chicks came" And it happen in my presence,this was so fucking great :D.
    Is this stuf really dangerous?/in some way addictive ?/Are here constant users?/where to buy best quality?
    This stuff and I supose many other can change live in some way.In mater of women, there were hot chicks giving me AI in the club(in PU community means approach invitation.When I present strong alpha body langauga, talk with some girsl hapened sometimes but that day, more than usual :).
    All right,song of praise is enough.

    This is still in my system I normally wouldn`t use some words in this post,especially curses and about fucking chicks in place were are women.Im too shy normally :p.But my change is terrific and Im happy.
    I know that this stuff can even kill young and healty man and unfortunatelly have to admit I feel little stupieder which is funny but it`s true :).
    Little crazy and other side efects involved.
    All right, song of praise is enough.
    Please discous something on this matter, especially some advanced users ale welcome.

    Greeting for silvertriumph2 (Hi buddy,I`ve bought this pump and it`s great, dick is growing
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