you got to love this sight I know I do

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    Every night before turning in I’m here, as I awake every morning I am here. Through out the day I return looking for NEW (oh and yes NUDE ones too) photos and post. I have my favorites; a nice, no a GREAT ass here, a voluptuous vixen who has me in her spell. An erotic long legged blond who I am not quite sure is real but just a figment of my imagination. Then there is the video chat where anything goes and usually does as I can’t help but shoot knowing others are watching my solo performance ~ an incredibly good idea this video chat!

    So I admit why I am here; horniness with insatiable appetite for sex. I love to tease and be teased. Safely performing my voyeuristic acts as my body tingles with anticipated self pleasure.

    Yes I still enjoy the real thing in fact I love it but for some reason now I am addicted to my self pleasure and it only amplifies my real performance.

    I love a GREAT ass and there are a few; one in particular seems to purposely pose as to make it seem like it is winking at me. Another has fantastic eyes which one minute appear so innocently then turning to a sexual diva who I want to please.

    I thought it would be useful to identify some terms that describe my solo pleasures in case you’re in doubt.

    • Jacking off; rubbing your penis with your hands or objects
      it feels wicked good but its not as good as pussy so guys do it when they’re not getting any

    All guys do it (yes gay, straight or bi so don’t deny it) like every day I’m doing it right now

    • Mind fuck; to fantasize about someone during masturbation, to fuck someone in one's mind

    “Dude, I mind fucked the shit out of her last night when I beat off”

    • Exhibitionism; involves intense, recurrent and sexually arousing fantasies involving the exposure of the individual's genitals. This may, in turn, translate into putting this fantasy into action and engaging in these behaviors.

    Finally I am an equal opportunity cyber sexed; being open minded as long as your not gross I don’t care you check out my photos, post or my solo performance on cyber space. However in real life I prefer women for sure. I do want to point out that there are a lot of you straight guys (at least according to your profile) who seem to love to watch me play with myself. Not sure if this is research or you’re just trying to pick up tips (yes I guess in away you are) but why hide behind your profile the chances of anyone every meeting you are next to slim just be yourself and enjoy it.

    Unfortunately there seems even in cyber space there are ignorant narrow minded people who chose to call others names or be abusive and this I cant fully understand. You’re sitting there with your dick in your hand looking at other dicks so what gives you the right to criticize? Lighten up…

    To the ladies who know I love them thank you again for this selfish pleasure and remember I am available to facilitate your fantasies for real too.

    Now back to the photos and some fun ~


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    That was so nicely put!
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