"You want me to fuck you?" [GAY]

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    "You want me to fuck you?" He breathed in my ear. "You look like you want to get fucked."

    He was fortyish, broad-shouldered, with a working man's build and a thick cock protruding eight inches from the fly of his jeans. The cock, which had a large, purple head and a fleshy cowl of foreskin, was glistening with my saliva. For the last ten minutes, I had been on my knees in the cramped rear booth of a downtown porn shop, with this incredible cock sliding between my lips and repeatedly lodging in the back of my throat, as this guy mercilessly face-fucked me.

    I hadn't even unbuttoned my own jeans. I had spotted this guy, with the door ajar to his booth, lazily wanking his semi-soft cock. When he saw me looking at him, he smiled and kicked the door open, and waved his long rope of a cock invitingly in my direction. With each swing, it had quickly stiffened, reaching its full length rapidly. That was all the encouragement I needed, and as I stepped into his booth and closed the door behind me, I almost by instinct dropped to my knees and began to hungrily kiss and suck the suddenly rock-hard stick of flesh. It was not easy to get my mouth around its ample girth. It was thicker than an oversized sausage, and had a big vein running down the middle of it, with a bulbous, shiny head surrounded by a collar of foreskin which so silky and sweet as it rubbed my lips with each pump of my head.

    At first, he had been stoic as I went to work on his bare dick, staring ahead at the leather porn scene he was watching, showing me no appreciation, as I was a whore he had paid for, and he had expected me to come in and service him. But as I began to gorge myself on his meaty cock, he shoved it deep into my throat and held my head down, temporarily cutting off my air supply as the massive cockhead jammed against my tonsils. This rape of my mouth on turned me on more, as my face flushed a hot red and I continued to feed on the spit-soaked shaft.

    "You like my cock, faggot?"

    I moaned appreciatively, my mouth full of dick.

    "I bet you do, you fucking cocksucking slut."

    He continued like this as he plunged his fat tool in and out of my mouth, peppering me with verbal abuse. My own cock pulsed and surged in my pants, untouched and absolutely driven wild by the humiliation. Suddenly, with little warning, he came copiously in my mouth, pumping a half-dozen jets of hot semen against the back of my throat. He pulled his dripping cock out my mouth, as I gasped for air, swallowing a heavy dose of cum and spitting some of the floor. I was so stunned that I could do nothing as he pinned me against the seat, my face against the wall with him behind me.

    "You want me to fuck you? You look like you want to get fucked."

    I was too shocked to respond, mute from the salty explosion of sperm that coated my mouth.

    He didn't wait for an answer, and roughly undid my belt and shoved my jeans down below my ass. Just as rapidly, he yanked at my boxers so violently that they ripped down the middle, and bared my ass, thighs and cock. He was a little more gentle pulling my t-shirt off my head and tossing it behind him. I was now almost naked despite the bundle of jeans and ripped underwear at my knees, and he kept on hand fastened on my shoulder while the other worked its way down my body. He gave my right nipple a twist, and ran his hand around my naked gut.

    "You're a chubby little faggot," he said. It was true, I had a good thirty pounds of extra weight on my 5'9" frame, but he did not seem to mind. "Nice to fuck a soft slut like you." He gave my ass a firm slap that stung. Then he reached his hand between my legs, groped around the base of my hard, seven inch dick. He gave my balls an artful tickle, then, ignoring my shaft, ran his hand through my taint and up my ass crack, a move that sent shivers up my naked body, causing my face to flush anew a bright red.

    I felt a gob of spit land on my ass crack, and suddenly there was a thick finger poking at my sphincter. He jammed it in quickly and I moaned and convulsed in a mix of pleasure and pain as his knuckle barged into my asshole.

    "Damn, you're tight," he said. "Ever been fucked?"

    I murmered no, still unable to speak real sentences.

    "That's about to change," he said.

    I felt a cool dribble of lube, as he began to slick down my ass with his hand and a bottle of K-Y. I realized he had now taken his other hand off my shoulder and was deftly using his free hand to roll a condom down his fat engorged cock. Suddenly there were two fingers working in and out of my anus.

    I kicked off my jeans and sneakers into a heap on the floor, and was now kneeling naked on the booth's bench with my back to him. He was still mostly dressed, although he had pushed his jeans halfway down his muscled thighs. He had no underwear on, and was wearing work boots and a black t-shirt. Glancing over my shoulder, I could see a look of determination on his unshaven, manly face as he plunged and twisted his fingers in and out of my slippery tight asshole. I imagined he had that same look in his day job, which surely, from the look of him, involved heavy machinery.

    Now accustomed to his rough, rape-like pace, I was less surprised when he suddenly withdrew his fingers and then a second later steadily and forcibly guided his latex-sheathed tool inch by inch up my anus, which was now throbbed with pain.

    As his hot rod of meat pried my asshole open inch by inch, I let out an animal moan of submission, aware of my utter powerlessness as this man now seemed sure to fuck me whether I wanted it or not. The fact I was drunk with a horny slutty wave of desire made this feeling of danger and anticipation all the better.

    The pain subsided, or was intermingled with a sudden rush of euphoria, as his steadily advancing cock rubbed heavily on my prostrate and nearly caused me to cum without even touching my own dick. I was suddenly aware of my arms, which had been shakingly pressed on to the wall in front of me, and I instinctively reached behind me and planted a hand on each of his hairy ass cheeks and began to pull him closer.

    I was, up to this moment, a technical ass virgin, but I had spent a fair amount of time with an assplug imagining a scene much like this, so while the initial entry had hurt, my ass began to adjust. Then I realized that he had managed to fit his entire huge dick in me. I could feel the bristly tickle of his pubic hair against my ass cheeks, and he held his steel rod in me for a minute, letting my ass become accustomed to its mass.

    At that moment, I found my voice.

    "Fuck me," I said, my voice clear but higher than normal. "Please fuck me."

    I could practically hear the grin spread across his face. "Beg for it, you slut."

    I was suddenly aware of feeling incredibly feminine, as I was naked, he was dressed, and my soft, nearly hairless ass was fully impaled by his rock-hard monster cock.

    "Fuck me, now!" I demanded, my voice lower now, asserting my maleness.

    He slapped my ass, hard. "Now we're talking, faggot!"

    And just like that, he wrapped one strong arm under my arms and lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around him, aware that I was being held up by his brute strength and the eight inches of steel-like cock that was parked in my asshole. I'm not a small guy, but he could move me around like he was a football captain and I was his cheerleader girlfriend.

    Still holding me off the ground, he began to fuck me by lifting me up and down on his cock. Soon I had my arms planted on the bench and he began to pound me wheelbarrow-style.

    "Oh fuck me!" I cried. "Fuck me harder!"

    And he did, grabbing my ass and kneading it with his immense hands, jackhammering his meatclub in and out of my scorching anus at lighting speed.

    Suddenly he discovered my cock, which had been neglected all this time but was nonetheless hard as iron and oozing precum. He flipped me around so I was on my back on the bench, facing him, while he put one hand under my ass for support and worked my slick tool with one hand, all the while still plunging his erect penis furiously into my hole.

    In seconds, I came, a huge, glorious shower of cum, as jets of cum flew above my head, onto my face and then continued to pump steadily into my chest and stomach for another ten seconds.

    He followed suit seconds later, as I felt the condom tighten and swell with liquid heat.

    He pulled his cock out, and took off the condom, throwing it in the trash, and then looking down at me. He was still basically dressed, and he picked up a leather jacket that I hadn't noticed off the floor. He put it on, and looked down on me like I was a cheap slut he had just picked up on vacation. His cock, slowly softening, but still enormous and powerful looking, swung from his jeans, which he had pulled up but not zipped.

    Trembling, and feeling every bit the girlish, used slut I was, I knelt in front of him, and gave that cock a tender kiss good bye. He ran his hand through my hair more like I was a dog than a lover, and then he slapped my face, only half playfully.

    "Boy, you sure did want to get fucked, slut." He tucked his cock into his pants, zipped up, and then walked out the door, hands jammed in the pockets of his leather jacket.

    I hastily dressed, throwing my underwear in the trash, and using a paper towel to wipe the most obvious clumps of semen off my face and body. Face burning and knees weak, I rushed past the cashier in the front and into the street. Walking towards home, I found my pack of cigarettes, and lit up. A calming rush came over me, as I smiled, savoring the incredible electricity in my body and the aftertaste of cum in my mouth.

    I sure did want to get fucked, and he sure fucked me good.
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    Great story, gave me a huge hard on
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    Great story. Just reading this made me really hard.
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