You will take care of my needs. part 1

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    The armpit of the midwest.
    You called and invited me over with one thing in take care of your physical needs. You told me if I was lucky, you might give me a little pleasure of my own. You also reminded me that just seeing you naked and touching your body in the process of getting you off would be more than I deserved, but again...if I was really lucky you would maybe do something for me. "I would guarantee that I would get you off Taker, but your dick is really too long and too thick for my tight little body and I don’t know if I want to gag on it when its in my mouth, and I don’t know if I want you to rip my pussy apart by fucking me. I would let you stick it up my ass, but every time you do that to me I get a terrible stomach ache, so we will see". “this is after all…all about me”.
    I was greeted at the door by you, and you looked absolutely hot. You had on a white shirt, a leather mini skirt that was just long enough to cover your hot little bottom. You also had on a pair of skin tight, high heeled black leather boots with a spike heel and a zipper up each side.
    You shut the door and locked it. I went to sit down but you told me that I did not deserve to. But you sat down and said "I have something I need to do and you will watch, but nothing more". With that, you sat down and started to unzip your boots. First you’re left then your right. With that you slowly and seductively slid each foot out of your boots and held them up for me to see. "See how pink and perfect the soles of my feet are"? “I should make you kiss my feet, and suck my toes….but I just don’t have the time.”
    With that, you stood up and told me to get on my knees. You walked over to me and stood directly in front of me. My eyes staring directly at where your pussy was; only separated by the black leather skirt. Then you reached down and lifted up your skirt. I expected to see a pair of panties but instead I saw your pussy staring me directly at me. What surprised me even more is that you had shaved every bit of hair off of it. Even between your legs, not a hair in sight. I told you how hot it was to see your pussy bald. You grabbed me by the hair and snapped my head back and stared directly down into my eyes. "I didn’t shave my pussy for your benefit; I shaved it so no hair would get in your way when you lick my pussy". "You are going to lick it right. You are going to lick every inch of it, you are going to get your tongue into every nook and cranny, and you are going to suck each of my lips and suck in and drink every bit of juice and discharge I have. If you are lucky I will let you swallow my juices".
    "I know you don’t deserve this, but I am going to take off my clothes now so you can get busy taking care of my needs". You slid off your shirt and exposed your perfectly, round, tits. You’re perfectly round nipples already standing erect. You then unzipped your skirt and slithered out of it. Making sure you turned around and bent over when it slid down so you could show off your perfect ass cheeks. " are going to get to work. You will do what I want you to do and how I want you to do it. If you want any gratification of your own, you will follow these instructions.
    You told me to sit on the couch and you stood in front of me. Your tits right at mouth level. "Put my tit in your mouth Taker, and suck it good”. I took your nipple into my mouth and slowly and steadily started to suck on it. Your nipple grew long and hard in my mouth and I flicked my tongue over it while still maintaining constant gentle suction. Your full, firm tits almost cut off my air supply, but you didn’t care Then you grabbed the back of my head and crammed my face into your chest. Your used your other hand to stuff the rest of your tit into my mouth. "That’s it Taker...suck my tit good, swallow it if you can. I want your mouth filled with it." "That’s I want you to the exact same thing to my other tit". I let go of one, then did the exact same thing to the other. After a few minutes of this, you pulled my head away and told me to stop. "I don’t want you to think you are doing a good job or anything, but my pussy is getting wet". You’re reached between your legs and stuffed two fingers deep into your tight pussy, swished them around and then held them up in front of me. "See how much juice I can make?" You held your fingers in front of me and I thought you where going to feed me your juices, but instead you stuck them into your mouth and sucked them dry. "Damn my pussy tastes great was all you could say"
    Then you laid down and put a pillow under your ass and scooted down so your bottom was hanging off the edge just a little bit and spread your legs really wide and lifted your knees up real high. “Get your head down between my legs Taker, but I do not want you to touch me until I tell you exactly what I want you to do". I did as I was told and before long I was staring right at your beautiful, pink, bald, glisteningly wet pussy. "I want you to spread my lips apart with your fingers and I want you to lick me really slowly, and I don’t want you to miss an inch". With that I reached out and opened up your lips and exposed your pink inner folds of skin. Your juices glistening in the light. I leaned forward and caught my first whiff and smell of your pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. I couldn’t wait any longer so I ever so gently put my tongue onto your clit and began to flick it with the tip of my tongue". Your hips jerked as the sensation began to warm and tickle your pussy. "There will be time for licking my clit later; you got a whole lot of licking to do so get with it". So I got busy. I took my tongue and crammed it as deep into your pussy as I could and ran it around your tight hole. I was amazed at the amount of juices you had inside you and even more amazed at how thick and slippery it was. I did suck some juices into my mouth and swished it around and swallowed it without you knowing it. The taste was incredible
    "Now pull my lips out and run your tongue over them and in and out of each and every crevice". I did as I was told and I was rewarded for it. Tucked into the little nooks and crannies was even more discharge and juices that had even more flavor and aroma. I then sucked both of your pussy lips into my mouth as far as I could. I was surprised at how long and thick they actually where. I could get so much of them into my mouth that it felt like my mouth was full and I could almost swallow them.
    " its time for me to get off...if you do as you are instructed I will be able to have very strong multiple orgasms, so do exactly what I want you to do" "I want you to stick 2 fingers deep into my pussy and move them in and out, and side to side, and start licking and sucking my clit. If I do decide to let you fuck me, you are going to have to get my pussy stretched out some or you will split me in two". So I slid 2 fingers into your pussy up to my second knuckle. I was surprised at how tight you where but how easy they went into you due to how wet you where. Each time they went in and out of you I could her a squishing, wet sound. I did this for a few minutes and between the fingers and my tongue on your clit, you where really starting to get into it. You began to moan and grind your hips onto my fingers. Then you reached down and grabbed my hand and crammed my fingers deep into your pussy as they could go. “I want you to finger fuck me Robert, not tickle me. You feel my cervix? I want you to push it back and forth and push it up into my stomach” So I did as I could and fingered you long and deep. Each time I stuck my fingers into you as deep as possible and hit your cervix, you would "grunt" and grind your hips onto my fingers even harder. "I am not a Barbie doll Taker, I can take it". I went at it even harder and began to suck your clit deep and long into my mouth. Then you grabbed my hair and jammed my face into your crotch and said "I am Cumming Taker”. Finger fuck me and suck my clit". I did and I was rewarded with you squirting your thick, tasty pussy juices into my mouth and across my face. Continued....

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