Young and Hung up on weekdays

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by Imported, Oct 20, 2004.

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    BluECliQ: I was just reading some posts and for whatever reason noticed a lot of the sign up days were on the same days or multiples of 7...I was like..huh? It just seems a lot of people signing up on weekend when they have nothing to do. Probably a bunch of young people too busy with HS and looking for a way to get off on the weekend :p lol the second I post this I'm gonna check what day I signed up...I'm probably guilty of the same. :D
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    And the moon was full.
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    I haven't paid attention all that much as to any "pattern" of signing up on certain days--albeit I do notice (I suppose) a good number of "newbies" participating at the beginning of the week sometimes! Maybe the "weekend" idea holds true then.

    What amuses me is the frequency of the posting from our newcomers!
    btw--I think it's great! They're so apparently overjoyed finding us, they can't help themselves!

    --I well remember my enthusiasm at having found such a website. Finally!
    A place to discuss "male stuff"! I recall too, nothing....NOTHING! was held back either in topics! ---What a place to (ahem) "hang-out".

    I lurked for awhile. Then, started posting. And, posting. And, POSTING!

    --Kinda good for the soul. Men (and women) need this exchange of info.

    Whatever "pattern" we notice in new member enrollments in the LPSG, it doesn&#39;t matter I don&#39;t think. What is important is that the forum is here...for every man irregardless of his penis size. The enthusiam of being here is universal. For many of us, the "urge" to write, participate, and contribute wanes after a few days....(we do lose track of hearing from some of our members after only a short while). Other of us "old-timers" .....can&#39;t quit&#33; We&#39;ve been here for ages&#33; <_<

    (&#39;Like to think it takes all kinds to make this LPSG "world" go &#39;round&#33;)
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