young&hung nude in public

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by todgerbulge, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    Hi all ,

    I have spent the last few years travelling around Europe (mainly) USA and Asia. I am fascinated by big big cocksa and have had many great experiences with young&hung guys on my travels.

    1) The public swimming centre in Prague wher 100's of nude hung lads just walk around hanging it out
    2) A 11 inch lad market worker in Oxford , UK
    3) Public fucking on Magaluf beach in Majorca Spain.
    4) Loads of hung cocks at the turkish baths in Istanbul
    5) Exhibitionism in hostel showers in London/Prague/Rome

    to name a few

    What other great experiences have others had on their travels?

    Anyone care to share any great places to see naked lads in public i.e. hostels showers/parks etc.

  2. NCSLionheart

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    Oct 5, 2006
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    Yorba Linda, CA
    I went and played in the qualifiers for Roland Garros (in France) this year, and while I was there, I toured a really big park off-site (cant remember the name off the top of my head, but I have some souvenirs from there). Anyways, on the particular day that I went, it was quite hot, and humid, and in the middle of the park was a giant cement platform, with large holes in the ground that acted as fountains.

    Well, since it was hot, me, my brother, and his girlfriend went over to cool off for a bit... And about 5 minutes later, a huge group of like 30 guys, with ages ranging from (what I would guess) 10-20ish all just got naked, and started running through the fountains. o_0

    At first, I just thought it was a big streaker party, and they were looking to cause mischief or something--but no one even paid them a second glance, men OR women. I guess that kind of thing is commonplace in France? *shrug* Whatever goes, goes, I say. Whatever you gotta do to keep cool.
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