Young Love (m/m)


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Feb 12, 2008
100% Gay, 0% Straight
Here's a story I've been working on for a while. It's about a couple of teenagers who finally consummate their love. It's kinda my fantasy too, hence it slowly switches into the first person. MaybeI should continue their adventures if you enjoy it?

Richard stepped nervously into Russell’s bedroom. It was fairly small, with a single bed and bright red football curtains. The playstation and widescreen TV that topped a chest of drawers by his bed took pride of place in the room. It felt way too straight for Richard to believe. Russell entered the room and woke Rich from his daydream. He shut the door and stood in silence. “So…” Rich said awkwardly. “What d’you wanna do?” he asked coyly. Russell looks as uncomfortable as him so it was up to Rich to take charge.

He sat down on the narrow bed and patted the duvet. Russell sat down next to him. Richard leaned forward and began to kiss his boy, slow and tenderly. A hot kiss would surely break the ice! Russ was slow and uncertain to begin with, but soon picked up pace. Rich placed a trembling hand on Russell’s crotch and began to stroke. He could feel something harden quickly underneath the material of his tracksuit bottoms. Richard had always fantasised about a day when he could see Russell’s perfect cock. Now it was here, he never imagined he’d be so nervous. In his fantasy, he was always so calm and collected.

Parting lips slowly, Rich looked down and unbuckled his belt clumsily. His trousers fell to the floor and he quickly peeled off his T-shirt. Sitting in tight white briefs, he felt so exposed. Russell gazed down to his package and smiled. Rich began to help Russell undress, the tension lifting. “It’s big!” Rich said excitedly as he stared at the bulge in Russ’ blue briefs. “Not as big as yours,” Russ quickly defended. “We’ll see.” I replied with a satisfied grin.

I pulled down his briefs. A huge dick awaited me – much wider than my own and a dark mass of pubic hair was the perfect backdrop for this work of art. I stroked it slowly, playing with his loose foreskin. “Well?” he asked nervously. I looked up: “It’s perfect.” Without wasting any time, I dropped my underwear and looked to the ceiling nervously as he inspected what I had to offer. Longer than he, but more slender, the two cocks looked perfect together. Russell grinned as my cock stood to attention like a soldier on duty. “Wow,” he gasped.

I kissed Russ affectionately and ran my fingers through his short hair. I felt so warm and loved inside. My heart was still beating furiously though. All those fears about my first time spun formed a cyclone of bad thoughts in my mind. We parted lips and I fell to my knees, planting a trail of kisses down Russell’s smooth chest. He shuffled to the end of the bed as I took in the musty scent of his groin. I gave one last look up and then went in for the kill. Then like the moment when you jump into a swimming pool, that moment of no going back, my heart began to race.

I tenderly began to kiss the sides of his shaft, feeling him getting even harder in anticipation. My tongue traced around his tip, tasting the salty precum. Getting hornier, I began to lick and nibble on his foreskin. Russell threw his head back in exasperation, ripples of pleasure coursing through his veins. “Fucking hell…” he gasped. Enough teasing – I went down on him.

My hot wet mouth surrounded Russell’s perfect schlong. He moaned with pleasure as my tongue ran up and down the thick vein on his cock. It explored underneath the foreskin and Russ became overcome with pleasure as it teased his head. As I deep throated his cock, Russ began to thrust impatiently into my mouth and down my tight throat. I struggled for breath as his hands rested on the back of my head and pinned me down against his length. My head bobbed up and down eagerly – as first blowjobs went, I was doing great. Russ seemed to think so too. He moaned and gasped, getting closer and closer to orgasmic bliss. “Gonna cum,” he warned as he bucked and filled my mouth with hot salty seed.

He fell back onto the mattress and closed his eyes. I got out of my crouching position, running my tongue around my mouth, gathering the last of his semen to swallow. I lay next to him, naked, and closed my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder. I still hadn’t cum but I didn’t want to ruin Russell’s afterglow.

He opened his eyes and gave a sweet smile as he looked down at my throbbing cock, almost embarrassed that he had cum first. “Anal?” he suggested. I smiled – “only if you’re ready.” He nodded and reached for a small pot of lube that he’d stolen from the shops, too embarrassed to pay for. I took it graciously from his hands and unscrewed the top, handing it back to him. He gazed down at my erect cock and got the idea – he dipped in his fingers and lathered up my penis with a thick layer of lubricant. It was cold but not uncomfortable – my cock twitched with anticipation. Russ put down the pot of gel and spread his legs for me.

He was obviously nervous. How would he feel? Would it hurt? Was he going to get hard again? His worries came to the forefront of his mind as I slowly inserted my index finger into his clenched, tight hole. My cock was aching to be in there but I didn’t want to hurt my beloved by going too fast. I began to ease my finger back and forward, feeling Russell’s hole loosen enough to fit in a second finger. I scissored the two fingers outwards, stretching him. Russ didn’t seem too uncomfortable, he actually seemed to be enjoying the new sensation. In went the third finger and Russell looked confident enough to nod his head, indicating I could enter him properly.

I withdrew my fingers and began to masturbate my hard, lubricated cock. Russell braced himself as I entered him slowly, being careful to guide my cock in with my hands. A hot, tight sensation surrounded my cock as I slid in deeper. It had my cock like a vice but we both loved the feelings of filling and being filled. I gradually felt the ring of muscles relax, allowing me to retreat slowly. “Feels good…” he whispered. I thrusted forwards, loving the tingling feeling in my penis head. He shuddered as I began grind against his ass. My balls ached as they slapped against his perfectly smooth butt cheeks.

I continued to slam into him for the next ten minutes… or was it twenty? Beads of sweat dripped down the side of Russell’s face as I leaned in to kiss those perfect lips – all the while, never removing my dick from his clenched butt. “Come inside of me, baby” he begged. There was a hotness about the air in the room tonight – probably a result from all the sex. I looked down at his rehardening cock and loose sack. He was gorgeous and I loved him. This wasn’t just sex. We were making love. I was in love.

I smiled and kissed him again, before resuming my thrusting. He cried out with delight as I slammed into his prostate. “Come inside of me!” he breathed as I warm sensation filled his channel. I gasped as I emptied my love into him. I slowed and withdrew. “I love you,” I told him as I kissed him tenderly on the lips. He offered me his sticky, cum soaked fingers and I let them into my mouth – carefully sucking each in turn.

He smiled and turned off the light.
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