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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by mephistopheles, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I want everyone to give the most sexy, steamy fantasy that they can muster. The one you always think of (at least a little) whenever your jacking off or going at it.

    And if you've made your fantasy a reality; even better.

    My fantasy is yet unrealized:

    I want to move to a new city and meet a cute little asian girl. It would be best if she was quite a bit shorter than me. But I don't want her to be all woman. I want her to have a cock that puts my eight inches to shame.

    So... Cute little asian girl with (at least) a ten inch cock. (thick too)
    And whenever we fuck I want to hold my dick next to hers so I can think "Geez, this tiny asian woman has a bigger dick than me!"

    That's terribly sexy to me.

    One of my turn ons is humiliation... Problem is most ppl won't humiliate me just because I'm big(I guess)... With my most recent girlfriend she would humiliate me and tell me my dick was like 2 inches long... it obviously isnt... but for some reason that just turns me on.
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