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    Explain what happened with your last sexual encounter.

    Mine: Walked into a convenience store and the clerk started talking to me, i got what i came for and left. Went back later and he was still there. He told me that he gets off work soon if i wanted to go for 'coffee'. I wait for him in my car and when he comes out he jumps in and immediatly feels me up. I started driving and he opens my jeans and starts to give me head as we are going down the road. I am just about to cum and he stops. By then we are back at my house (no idea how we got there i was more focused on the road head). We go inside and he breaks out a pack of condoms that i was looking at in the store earlier. I get some astroglide the one strawberry 'flavor'. I come out of getting that from my bathroom and he's naked on the couch with a condom on already and well we went through about 5 different positions before we fell off the couch. He leaves and i look around and realise theres lube everywhere. :D Fun times how about you?
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