Zimbabwe PM Booed And Jeered By UK Exiles

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    The grey country
    "Zimbabwe's prime minister has been forced to cut short an event in the UK amid angry scenes.

    Morgan Tsvangirai addressed a crowd of more than 1,000 exiles in London's Southwark Cathedral.

    But his attempts to persuade them to consider returning to their homeland were met with boos and jeers, as his assurances about the country's road to stability were questioned.

    It's far far too early for him to ask what he did. While Mugabe draws breath, to most expats, Zimbabwe will remain an impossible sell.

    Zimbaweans are masters at detecting BS. Zimbabwe may be on the road to some semblence of recovery, but it's a long one, and Tsvangirai will likely find his words fall on deaf ears for some considerable while to come.

    Zimbabwe PM Booed And Jeered By UK Exiles - Yahoo! News UK
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    It will be an even harder sell to get white Zimbabweans to return. Mugabi made the same mistake as Idi Amin when he drove the Indians out of Uganda. He drove out the very people who were the economic backbone of the country. Human capital is the most precious resource there is. South Africa was smart enough to recognize this by welcoming displaced white farmers from Zimbabwe into South Africa. Educated and skilled workers are in huge demand by every country in the world.
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