420 + Cam + stroking = ?

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I woke up today horny. Wife went walking for a couple hours with a lady friend. Sorry but the two we're not having a meetup for hot bi sex... (I can dream). Meanwhile, I got high...

I needed to cam with some fun guys (and one girl) online. In a little over an hour - Five guys came for me. Two of which came as soon as I bent over for them with my freshly shaved cock, balls, and ass spread. Do you know just how empowering it is for me to show my ass and make a guy cum??? After each one, I was almost cumming. I was leaking pre-cum. But I held out each time. The last guy had me on the ropes! I was out of self control. My mind went to the "I'm just going to cum into my palm and lick it all up for him on cam!" (my only way to finish).

But I remembered my wife is going to wear the strap-on tonight. Hopefully the larger toy... She is going to fuck me like I was thinking those guys were fucking me! This will do for now...
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