A Dicks Blowing

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Many of you have messaged, commented, kik’d, etc. about the thirst for a new story from me. Remember all of my stories are true. Only names and occasionally places have been changed to protect the guilty. This hookup is no exception.

Jennine and I had been engaged for several months. I had kept true to my word about not hooking up with men after our engagement. Sure, I had met up with some buddies over the course of the months to stroke out a nice fat load or two. But there was no touching. No head. No sex.

Jennine and I had agreed to meet for dinner one evening after work at the Melting Pot in the Galleria Mall in Buffalo. It’s one of our favorite restaurants. I hadn’t made it to the gym before work like usual, so I stopped there right after work. I got a great lift in and carried about my business.

I made it to the mall with an hour or so to spare, so I stopped in Dicks to grab a new jock and compressions.

The store was pretty quiet for being a weekday at rush hour. I was in the athletic section looking at a new pair of compressions when this blonde stud walked over to the same clothes rack I was at.

He was about 6′2, 220, pure muscle. He had on a tight muscle fit tee and joggers. His dick was clearly visible. His arms were swole from what I had to assume was a trip tot he gym just prior to the mall. More importantly however, he looked vaguely familiar.

“Hey dude, how’s it goin?” I asked.

“Great man, you?”

“Can’t complain. If I just could find a pair of compressions that I like.”

“HAHA, I have the same problem. My favorite pair just fell apart changing at the gym. I hate I have to replace them.”

“I was gonna say, you’re lookin’ swole man.” giving him the up and down.

Smirks. “Thanks. You too, actually.”

“Shoulder day does it every time.” Smiling back.

We carried about our business making small talk for a few minutes more. I was looking at a new Bike jock (classic white) when he comes over by me and said, “Hey man, so this is awkward, but I swear I know you from somewhere.”

“Dude. I felt the same way. Just can’t place you.”

“Do you go Worlds in Williamsville by chance?”

“Nope, LA in Orchard Park or Downtown usually.”

“Damn. Wish I could place it.”

We both laughed and introduced ourselves. “Well, I’m TJ.”

“Brandon. Nice to meet you man.”


I grabbed my jock and went back for the compressions I was debating about. He followed me and immediately said, “Dude. This is outta left field, but I think I’ve got it. Are you on Grindr by chance?”

“Fuck. Yup. That’s it.”

“I knew it!”

“Dude, we talked for a few days then you disappeared.”

“I know man, I just got weirded out by the whole thing.”

“I hear you there man. I’m gone from there too.”

“Well, I’m glad we officially met now. What are the odds of running into you here?!?”

“Right?! By the way. I wasn’t just talking about your arms when I said you were looking swole.” Looking right at his cock, then back up at his eyes. Smirking.

“I knew what you meant.” smiling back.

“Come with me.”

I led him to the dressing rooms. We both had something we could plausibly try on. I went in a changing room, and pulled him in behind me.

“Whoa, fuck dude. What the hell….”

I didn’t say anything. I just touched is lips with my finger to shush him, and dropped to my knees. I tugged his joggers down to find him freeballing.

His cock was perfect for throating. Soft, he was 3-4 inches. Cut. Nice heavy balls, but not hangers. Trimmed perfectly.

I swallowed his soft cock and tugged his sac. It didn’t take long to make him hard as steel. I started sucking his pipe like it was my job.

Within 45 seconds he tapped my head. I looked up and he mouthed, “Cum.”

I nodded, and sucked harder. Seconds later he erupted down my throat. A nice thick load. Not huge, but not small either.

I stood up, adjusted my hard on in my jeans. I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “next time it’s your turn bruh.”

“What’s your number?”

We exchanged digits. I left first, going to checkout. He followed 30 seconds later. We checked out at the same time in different lines. When we walked out into the mall, we went opposite directions.

I got a text 5 minutes later, “Hey dude. I can’t believe how hot that was. I definitely owe you. Let’s get together soon.”

I met up with Jennine for dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and great conversation. That night I filled her pussy with an epic amount of thick cum.
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