A New Beginning

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I thought I would never be writing anything here but I have to share this story about the first time I made it with a guy. I normally played ball at the gym 3 nights a week usually about 3 to 4 hours each night. After the nights games were over it was always good to grab a towel and head to the steam room.

One evening during one of the pickup games I noticed this guy that was on the opposing team and he was guarding me kept defending me very close. Close enough to feel his cock rubbing against my ass. At first I didn't give it much thought and I'm as nasty and horny as the next guy so I started to pay more attention. I wasn't sure if was really wanting to play me that close or was it just his way of flirting with me. I wasn't sure and I continued to play for the remainder of the night.

After the games were done it was time to head to the steam room for some down time. I usually am the only one in there because its late and close to the time the gym closes. I like to kick the steam up very high almost to where I cannot take it much more. The amount of steam in the room made visibility very limited. I usually sit in the steam room with nothing on and just carry a towel. The room is quite large and I heard the door open and enter the room. I could hear that this person sat to the right of me but I couldn't see because of the heavy steam. No talking and neither of us made a sound.

I let out a small groan of relaxation and the guy said it feels very good in here. We kept talking small talk normal stuff when all of a sudden it turned to the games earlier. He told me he had been watching me and that he wanted to play against me. I then realized it was the guy earlier that was rubbing against me.

At that moment I felt blood rush to my face and my cock was stirring with excitement like I have never felt. I starting thinking of all the possibilities that may happen. I do think my mind is my sexiest organ, anyway we continued to talk and he said he liked the way it felt earlier. I paused the conversation not knowing what to say next. After a moment I said I enjoyed it too. I heard him sliding down towards me on the tile seating area. I could make him out somewhat with all the steam. I reached over and turned up the steam again to make sure we had plenty of cover from anyone else that may come in.

As we continued to talk he told me he always wondered how good my cock looked. He said this because I am 6 ft 9 inches tall and certainly not the first to ask how tall I was. He told his friend that he wanted to see my cock at that's how he ended up coming to the steam room. Then he asked if I had ever been attracted to guys before. I told him the truth that at times I was but never pursued the attraction. Soon his hand was feeling my thigh. It did feel very good and my cock was hard and making me crazy with wanting to know what was next.

He asked if he could reach over more and if I wouldn't mind that he did. I hesitated and said that I didn't mind and that I think I would enjoy it. He reached over and felt how hard I was and he commented that I must have liked the conversation we were having. I told him that I did and wanted it to continue.

He said we can talk and do whatever we wanted. I asked him if he had ever been with a guy before. He said he had when he was younger but was always looking for the next opportunity to be with a guy. I told him that I guess this is the night for that and he said yes it was and he moved closer to me and was stroking me so good I was on fire. I had to reach over and feel his cock. He was as hard as I was and things were really getting interesting. His cock felt so good in my hands and I stroked so slow just feeling every bump and turn of his cock.

I can't believe how I feel right now writing this. But soon I could see and feel he was leaning over and he took my very hard cock in his mouth and he was sucking me so good and I had to keep talking to him as he did. He liked it when I would tell him how great it felt. At this point I have to go to the next step I wanted his cock so bad and I through out all caution and told him I wanted to suck his cock at the same time. He sat up and we assumed the 69 position and he immediately began sucking me again and I slowly was feeling his hard cock and I slowly lowered my mouth onto the head of his cock. It felt so good and so I started sucking his cock like it would be the last thing I ever do.

I never thought that an experience like this would make me feel the way it did that night. As we sucked each other the feeling was so good I soon shot my load and he held me tight as he sucked every drop I had. He go so excited that I could feel his legs tighten and I knew he was close. He then arched his ass into the air and I was going to do this completely and I wanted it so bad and I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and I was so pumped with excitement that when I felt his cum hit the back of my throat I kept sucking for all I was worth.

As we sat up and talked a bit we decided that we needed to get together more often. We had many great time together and one time he brought a friend but that's another story. I do have to say that ever since that night I crave cock and continue to this day. I do enjoy a nice looking cock and really like when they are hard cumming. Hopefully with me.....
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