ACTA – Can a VPN Service Help?

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ACTA – Can a VPN Service Help?
Much in the same way that the United States has begun exploring ways to crack down on internet piracy, Europe is implementing ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. Essentially, ACTA covers a wide base, which concerns many across several industries. As far as information technology is concerned, the agreement affects the way that copyright infringement is handled on internet platforms. Because so many residents rely on internet freedoms to communicate with family across the globe, the free passage of information has come under siege, and specific groups may want to consider the use of private intranets for all of their communication needs.
We should be clear, however, that we are in no way advocating illegal activities through the transmission of information, but those that have an interest in keeping personal affairs private would be well served to consider the use of proxy master vpn's. Legislation on the subject of copyright infringement should be closely followed, largely in part because the United Nations is involved in the international issues that various national policies can complicate, meaning that offshore VPN networks will need to be location-specific in order to provide the privacy and security that you’re after.

How Privacy Endures
Virtual Private Networks are essential in preventing the distribution of important information. Because they can only be accessed by those that have sub-accounts within the parent account, encryption technology prevents anyone who accesses the information from reading it. This can be valuable when you consider how leaked information that is sensitive in nature can now be used against you. The anonymity provided by an encrypted VPN is invaluable when you consider how many cyber-crimes are committed each year.

Handling of Complaints
If you have an EU VPN provider, remember that they fall under the jurisdiction of ACTA. Should a company claim that they are somehow victims of copyright infringement on the VPN, they will receive a violation notice and be forced to either release all of their private information or completely shut down. Either way, this can compromise your privacy, leaving you helpless and at the mercy of EU lawmakers
To ensure that you are safe from such an event, be sure that you use VPN providers that base their operations beyond the reach of ACTA or other relevant policies. Keeping all of your internet transmissions private and away from the ISP is very important. Don’t take a chance when the information you share is of the utmost importance and must be kept under lock and key.
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