An Astounding Variety

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If there is one thing I've come to realise since joining this site, it is that there can never be an end to the dizzying variety of cock shapes and sizes in the world. From monster penises that can sometimes be just a little bit intimidating, to nice average dongs anybody would love to get friendly with, to the smaller ones -- maybe strictly speaking not exactly towers of sexual prowess, but adorable all the same...

And the above only covers length and girth. What about the shapes? From ramrod-like appendages, to those amazing eye-popping curved ones, to hooded beauties shyly peeping from folds of delicate foreskin and cut soldiers proudly displaying their bare mushroom heads. And let me not get started on pubic hair ... now there is variety for you. From luscious growths to a few tangled strands, in color ranging from blacker than pitch to startlingly auburn. Ah, the list goes on and on.

I suppose all this just proves again the old saying that variety is the spice of life ... even when it comes to man's crowing glory.
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