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Today is the first day I have been on the site since my accident. Things got kind of bad there for a while, but are getting better. I am supposed to have concussion therapy starting this week. Seems the problem is my eyes, headaches, stress, and dizziness. At least many of the other symptoms have gone away.

Good news, the contest I was preparing for - an Eastern Regional one, I managed to win my division. So I suppose all this was worth it. I never thought I would win anything again, much less an Eastern Regional competition.

Before it got too hot out, I spent about a half-hour every day on my deck with my little buddy Sam (my little Bischon). He would sleep next to me and I would nap. Now that it is 90+ degrees we have to do it on the sofa!

My thanks to all of you who wished me well, commented on various posts and liked so many of my posts. It was nice to be around again for a bit. Each day I will be back for a little until I can spend more time here as I used to. Thank you gentlemen!!!
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