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Between your ears is Prime real estate, dont pile it up with junk.

Published by Hugh_Mungus in the blog Hugh_Mungus's blog. Views: 126

How many of you are dealing with negative mood disorders, or know someone who is struggling with this?

so how are we gonna beat low moods, anxiety, loneliness and nihilism, doomer mentality?

...Just as you have to be careful what you put into your body, you have to be careful what you feed your head,

do not just go filling your time and filling your head with negative head-space, fill your head with positive headspace love//energy/whatever else you want to call it.

Don't turn your brain into a junk yard by throwing all the internets' junk in there.

What do I mean by the internets' junk.. well getting into random fights about politics or whatever on twitter, reddit etc, you are just throwing the nets' junk into your head, and messing it up the machine.

it is a waste of your time effort and emotions to worry about random internet fights with people on the other side of the world, it just isnt worth it. Only fill your head with positivity.

Avoid as much as possible situations that will create negativity in your life, especially things that are a waste of time or of no real benefit to anyone,.

If you find yourself in a negative situation, try replying to negativity with positivity. I've noticed it confuses the hell out of people, they are probably so used to bitter arguments because this isn't the first time they've been in this situation that's for sure,

And if you are gonna fill your head with negative headspace, then at least, on the rare occasions that you do this, it should be because its unavoidable, and it serves a specific purpose. I.e unlike fights on twitter, which are avoidable and are just a time, energy, effort, and positivity black hole, that achieves nothing, and ask you to pay a mental price and offer little to nothing in return.

This is why I've never gotten into any twitter wars, I keep my account on twitter, as well as this one on LPSG, only for sexy positivity.

Tho.. sometimes i feel really low towards the end of the day and dont know why.

If you engage in something negative, make this a rare occasion, and only go into that headspace when you are going to achieve a specific and important and achievable task.

Have a list of things you need to get done and when you are feeling low, focus on ticking things off that list, it feels good to tick things off that list! A small sense of achievement can be a big deal when you are starved for satisfaction.

About having a positive attitude...

realistically, no one can follow this advice all the time, its impossible to avoid all negativity, in which case just accept there was negativity, learn from it, and move on.

This isn't some kind of perfect plan, its an ideal we aspire to get closer to, a signpost on the long road to peace of mind,,..
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