Big Dick Adventures Vol 1

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The last time I saw a really big dick in person was before the pandemic. I met him on a hook up app.

When we exchanged pics and he saw my dick pic, he said, “You should just stick to your ass.” Later he told me anything less than 6” grossed him out. It didn’t seem like a real dick to him. This probably should have offended me, but it just turned me on more to hear him casually assert his superiority.

His cock was amazing. Long and thick. I hadn’t had much experience with big dicks. I usually seem to attract other small guys like myself, or at most guys who were average. When I saw his, I couldn’t get over how much more aesthetically pleasing a really big dick is. They just look amazing, powerful, and a bit intimidating.

Once we started messing around, he didn’t even acknowledge my dick. Confronted with his monster, I wasn’t thinking about my dick either. It seemed natural that the whole experience should revolve around pleasing him. Getting him off was all that mattered.

When it came time for the actual sex, I got really nervous. I didn’t have a ton of experience with hung guys, and I was afraid it would hurt. But he took his time opening me up and gradually easing into me.

He admitted later that he knows that due to his size, he can’t help but hurt guys, but knowing that a guy wanted his cock even though it hurt was a real turn on. And it did hurt. But it also felt amazing. I’d never experienced anything like it. He went deeper than anyone ever had. Once he was all the way inside’s hard to describe. The world dissolved and all I could see were colors.

I could still feel him a week later. After experiencing the difference between the less endowed guys I was accustomed to and him...I never wanted to be boned by a small guy again. Now I’m totally big dick obsessed.
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