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I don`t know what made me choose to write a blog about Penis Enlargement, but anyways... I started out around 19, investigating on ways to enlarge my penis. I been through all the methods (Pumps,Rings,Stretching etc), and can honestly say that Jelqing is the BEST METHOD out there. I learned about it, in 2000, when I found my first legitimate PE website. The internet was still an unknown frontier,so you had to be careful,with your cash info. But, my intuition was right on, about this particular site. I remember how excited I was when I first started learning the art of Jelqing .First I did it so frequently, I skinned my penis. I still kept practicing,but I gave myself time to heal. Around this time period, I was still living with my family, so l had no real privacy for a real workout. It was not until I got my own place, that I could really concentrate on my exercise. I was still new to the methods, and did not know the practice well ,so the gains were minimum at most. I did gain length,but I had a long skinny penis. I was happy with the length, as that was something I finally had gain! ( I use to be 7" before PE). in 2004, I went insane, and started hanging a 10 lbs dumbbell from my penis for 30 minutes a day. At this point I had reached the desired length, but still did not have girth.(All arms and no legs workout mentality lol). Around 2015 I started to want girth, so I started modifying my PE workout, with self -made stretching techniques, that I`m current using. All the methods I intuitively picked up, turned out to be correct. I feel the thickness increasing now.I use oil based lotions and creams to promote permanent growth. After 6" in girth I may decrease my workout. I will be posting new pics soon....please share your thoughts.... ;):yum:yum:yum
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