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So 4 months ago i took a vow to get back into the rocking shape i was in when i was boxing years ago. I had started a good workout regime and started seeing results after my 1st month. Last month I decided to step it up a notch and get back into a Martial art.. i have finally completed my first month of Capoeira.

In the past if boxed fora year, did jujitsu for 4 years and did maui thai on and off for 2 years.. but nothing really suck with me like jujitsu did.. i liked how hard it was to do and how it never made me bored.. A customer at work told me about capoeira.. its as hard to do as kung fu and takes a very long time to get good at.

A month into it now I know i will stick with it as long or longer than i did jujitsu. Its an amazing art form and it has been improving the shape i'm in drastically as well as my mental state.

Since i started working out ive gotten two promotions.. one wich was last week right on my birthday!... things have been looking up becasue ive decided to switch to eating good,working out and going back into my passion of martial arts.

I hope things are going jsut as well for all of you reading this.
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