Do Men become more perverted as they get oilder

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Its a thread from elsewhere but it got me thinking. Do men, am I, getting more perverted as I get older.
Are some of my perverted thoughts down to age or the lock down and are the thoughts I have things I want to put in to practice.
I had the feeling I was perverted during puberty when I slathered my cock and balls with my own wanked out cum in order to promote a good bush growth - it didn't work but it was a nice nightly routine I used to fantasize about. Looking back it was a bit perverted but at the time..
Once I had become more proficient with sexual techniques as a 19 year old, had a lover who liked to share me was it perverted to dream of a threesome with him and his hung friend and imagine what it would feel like impaled on his massive tool again?
Or just lust.
And later, this I know was a perversion, I dreamed of living with a lover happy ever after, certainly a fairy tale! My perversion then taking on rosy sunsets, holding hands and being two as one while all the time knowing deep down I had a terrible choice in men and that not one was capable of monogamy.
And so as I got older and more single my quest for sex did become more perverted, cock rings, nipple clamps, bondage group sex and becoming more of a fuck slut no matter what was required, I enjoyed being used by groups of guys for their pleasure and would seek out Jock nights nude parties and leather nights.
My perverted quest for more and more varied sexual thrills deluded me until one day I hit a magic age, stopped, took stock and retired to regroup.
Now my sexual conquests are fewer and better, more quality than quantity but I still find myself year on year thinking of even more perverted sexual games to play, different ways to be used and filled, then going off with a lover for sedate long lingering passionate sex. Now with lock down and isolation and social distancing sex is out of the question unless its by hand or some "toy", and so the mind wanders into even more erotic places and the perversions get, in the imagination, even wilder.
So in a way I have answered my own question and I think mentally we are, with age, capable of thinking more perverted thoughts but, when push comes to shove those thoughts are just that, thoughts.
Or perhaps you know differently
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