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GLORYHOLE 101 edition 12. Timing is everything

Published by hungry4blk in the blog hungry4blk's blog. Views: 68

I don't hang around waiting for cock at my GH all day, everyday. It's all by appointment and even that is based on everyone's timing.
I happen to like either mid day (the lunch rush) or afternoon (drive time) hours. Both seem to have eager , nice guys that have a need to be filled in a timely manner. Office types are especially hot to me as I like the mindsets and yes, even the way hey dress. There is nothing more handsome than a hard cock sticking out of a pair of dress slacks and if a tie is involved even better. That whole combination says eager. ready .and I need to drop a nice load now , then get back to the office.
The second type (drive home hours) are a different type of guy. Usually one of two types. Married and they don't get their cock sucked at all or rarely, and the straight guys that are single and tired of stroking their throbbing penis. I am here to help both ! Gladly. The process is the same as the rest of the cocks I service. But the mid day and drive home seem more grateful and often become regular's, at least for a while.
As always if you are in the area of Orange County in So Cal, get back, I'd love to hear from you and if you need some relief let me know. Always clean, always free and always hot ! normal_executive-office-business-man-sex-dick-cock-gay-fetish-036.jpg
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