GLORYHOLE101 edition 15. A favorite returns

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Picture or VideoBruce's headshots 039.JPG As it goes, sometimes a GH regular moves on for various reasons, But sometimes they come back for the expert service and the relief they so well remember and deserve.

This guy (in the photo) started out by getting his nice fat man sized cock sucked at my gloryhole maybe twice a month, sometime more depending on schedules. His ample penis fills my mouth and throat so nicely as I had him down to his bush, his balls hanging on my chin and my tongue lapping his ball sac. He would hold his cock down my welcoming throat as drool poured down either side of my mouth and his huge mushroom shaped cock head literally in my throat. Our sessions could last an hour and longer. His verbal commands like "suck that cock" and teasing me with cock slaps across my face when he pulled out made me even more anxious to keep sucking and servicing.
One night I suggested he show me what other talents he had, I bent over at he GH hole and felt the pinch of his head fight my ass and finally the excitement of knowing the entire length of his manhood was deep inside me. As he held onto the metal handles on his side of the GH wall he could thrust his meaty cock n and out of my tight ass. He would always pull out and paint my face with his warm nut.
I heard from him the other day ! He's coming over tonight. I'll give you the details in my next blog.
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