Gym Showers Sr Year

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So I was not a big fan of gym class though I actually was a good athlete. I had toyed with the idea of track and tennis so I had something to do in the Spring. When I went to my first gym class of the semester and saw that it was made up of half the football team seniors, a few of the senior wrestlers (one who was a state champion) and some of the best looking guys in my class.

That first gang shower time was overwhelming. I thought I was going to hyperventilate, no seriously! The first guy I saw was Rob. Rob was a football player and dear lord did he have one of the sexiest hairy chests I had ever seen. He was Italian so he was dark complected and then he had this swirling dark hair. I saw it and knew I had to look away, but it was so damn hard not to look. The next one was the wrestling state champion, oddly his name was Bob. He was a blonde so his hairy chest was harder to see than Rob's but his cock was right there. Like just about everyone in my gym classes over the years, he was cut and hung about 5 inches flaccid. Then there was Richard who had been in my gym classes every year since 7th grade. In 7th grade, he and I were the only two guys at the beginning of the year who had hair around our dicks. Some of the other guys who were hairless thought he and I were cool and occasionally we would stand next to each other so the guys could look. Rich also had a hairy chest by the time he was a senior and I should say I did too. Honestly, he and I watched each other grow up/mature over the six years. He was a really handsome guy with a twin brother. Both brothers were nice guys, but Rich was really sweet by comparison. We still talk at reunions if we see each other.

I remember thanking God for putting me in that gym class. I also remember when we did the unit on gymnastics, I nailed everything and Bob was always patting me on the back and telling me how good I was. He kept saying it was a shame we did not have a gymnastics team because I could have cleaned up. I went to school with Bob from about 4th grade to 12th grade. For awhile we were quite inseparable. It was really nice of Rob because I am pretty sure he was aware that I was gay and he was for sure a big man on campus and yet he always seemed to have my back.

Those are the guys that really left an impression on me in the locker room. I decided to write this because I was picturing Rob the first time I saw him naked, clearly, that image was seared into my brain for low these many years!! The last time I saw Rob he was still smokin' hot!
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